December 12, 2007

How Bizarre

As we are in the mist of this writer's strike...we are forced to watch re-runs. But we are taking action and we are being proactive! We did not finish the last season of 24 on network TV last now we are renting the DVD's of season 6 that were released last week!

I really don't know why we stopped watching it last year. But it all makes sense now. My sub conscience knew that we would have time to watch it at a later time on DVD. And good thing i acted on those unknown gut feelings!

OK, not really, we actually thought it was a little slow to start off so we stopped watching out of boredom. Now that boredom abounds with no new TV...these DVD's were released at a perfect time. (BTW we aren't married to the TV's)

BUT, the point of this blog is b/c one of the characters on this season of 24 brings back some nostalgic memories of my childhood. It is Rick Schroeder! During the epi's I would comment and say something like "yea, whatever silver spoons!" Turns out Amy didn't know what I was referring to. I tried telling her about the show and how the guy who played Carlton on Fresh Prince was also in the show and how they were best friends...she had no clue.

Also turns out that she never saw the show growing up?!!?!?
I just find it hard to believe. I thought that show was a staple in all of the people in age now.
Oh if you also don't know what I am referring to when I mention the show Silver is an awesome clip i found of the show.

Enjoy this nostalgic moment!

December 03, 2007

December 4th tomorrow

It's already DECEMBER!?!?!

Is anyone else irritated by the writer's strike and how the shows are all reaching the end of their stock pile scripts. Now that all the shows are ending on their completed scripts the shows are going on hiatus and nothing but re-runs will now air.
How's about Conan O'Brien paying his non-writing staff their salaries out of his own pocket...something i read i thought i'd share it.

oh man, got nothing to write about...

dag, welp here's some comics

And this guy shows how i feel about most Top 40 radio singles