September 19, 2008

Need Gas?

Even middle TN is having a huge gas shortage right now. And guess
who's car had a lit gas light this morning. Oh yes, I just waited at
one if the only gas stations with gas for 45 minutes. People are crazy
and freaking out. I'll gladly stay home b/c I can't get to work.

September 18, 2008

Ramblings of a Beggar

+ Amy got back home last night after being gone for a week and the dogs and I were really glad to see her. When Amy went to her closet to change last night she screamed Bugsy's name and I thought the poor dog had hurt himself. Turns out that in while Amy was gone...he got upset for her what does he do. He pooped right in the middle of her closet! It probably happened the day after she left because it was not fresh at all and how I didn't smell it is beyond me. So don't make your pets mad...when they get mad...they poop. (at least our crazy dog does)

+ I had ordered sod for our side yard that never ever grew in and so my great friend Bobby went to pick it up for me and Jason also came over to help lay it. I had prepared the ground already so we just had to lay it. And today my lower back hurts and my hamstrings feel like they have been running for miles without end. Small price to pay for our side yard to not look like West TX anymore, I guess.

+ We use Netflix and one of our favorite genre is documentaries. I love watching documentaries! I guess it has to do with it being real life and not just a movie that is fictional.
Last night we watched Young @ Heart and it was awesome. It a chorus made up of elderly people and they sing un-elderly songs. Songs from bands like Sonic Youth, The Clash, James Brown, and The Beegees to name a few artists they cover. And they are famous! They even travel to Europe on tour. It was a great flick and we highly recommend it. The flick will make you smile, laugh, and might pull a few tears out. Look for their rendition of Coldplay's Fix You toward the end of the film...amazing. It was just released on DVD this Tuesday, 9/16/08.

+ My parents are just fine after hurricane Ike. They had no damage to the house and the electricity went out for a total of 30 minutes during the storm. So they have been much better off then most people who have not had electricity since early Saturday morning.

+ Speaking of has been awesome here in middle TN with the highs of mid 80's and lows of low 60's. We'll be hanging out outside more often.

September 12, 2008

Please, Before I Go

As most people are preparing their homes and evacuating from Texas. Amy is boarding a plane to head to Texas this morning.

As many of you know I am from Houston and my family still resides please be thinking of them and everyone else in the area as this hurricane named Ike rears it's ugly head over the Texas coast. I don't think my parents are planning to leave their house unless they are required to by the state/county/city officials so I can only pray that they will be fine as Ike passes.

I also can only pray for Amy's travels while she is visiting her family in Texas. She will be gone until Wednesday night and I will really miss her. It's funny at how much we take each others company for granted sometimes...and it is really evident when one of us has to stay at home alone. It just gets so lonely without the other on there to talk to. ***and the dogs do NOT count***
But Amy should be fine flying today as Ike is not set to hit Texas until tomorrow or tonight...she will get there by noon today to DFW.

You should probably pray that I survive at home alone and don't starve myself and the dogs. You all should probably pray for them first...I am pretty sure I can outlast them.

Actually it's funny how so many spouses always joke about whether the men will be able to survive when the wife is away. Does it look worse that those jokes make men look so dependant or that woman seem to be the home provider...? I guess it could go both ways depending on the gender but I when do say them they simply as jokes...but maybe I should stop. Afterall I am not completely helpless...I did mention in the last post that I was ironing clothes this week. That's worth something.

Texas...take care of my Queen while she visits!

September 08, 2008


Yesterday my good pal Bill and I went to the Tennessee Titans home opening game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, thanks to the sweet (free) hook-up Bill got us. We had tickets in the lower section, 29 rows up on the home side, on the 50 yard line, and to top it off we had a parking pass too. So we parked one lot over from LP field...that being...I will probably not have a better game experiance than that one.

Now that football season is in full swing. Most of us guys can't even think straight. Whether it be concerning house chores to basic responsibilities like putting deodorant on. Our minds are always thinking over the latest game, the standings, the rankings, what injuries are out there, and which games we can catch on TV or go see live.
Most of that has to do with our fantasy teams, be it one or 5. (i only have 1 fantasy

As a perfect example here is a conversation i had with Josh today:

Josh: dude, awesome. so....can i come over?
i have been hankering for a big dose of football
me: you have class
Josh: dang it! i already forgot about it
me: aren't you at the lifeway building?
Josh: yeah, that would be a good reason for me to still be here huh
me: haha...too funny
Josh: i got caught up in the thought of football
and no work tomorrow
me: yea...that'll do it to ya

He was already in the building his class is held...and had already forgot b/c he found out there was a double header going on tonight for MNF. awesome.
(i copied that straight from GoogleTalk)

So ladies...have patience with us guys.

And there is hope...b/c last night as i watched part of Sunday night's game i was folding laundry and then i started ironing clothes. So just stick some chores in between the TV and us guys and we can still be productive. It may be a little sloppy...but it's a start. : )