September 25, 2012


I mentioned in a previous post about the project I dove into.  That project was renovating our house floors.  I took up the carpet in the living room and the hallway along with the linoleum in the dining room and kitchen.   The plan was not to put anything down on the floors but to stain and seal the concrete since our house was built on a concrete slab.  
When I picked up the flooring here is the mess we were left with to clean up...

So we had to clean it all up with sanders, scrapers, and brushes.  It was a lot of work that kept our house wrecked for a week as our living area furniture was in the garage.  

After we got the concrete cleaned and prepped it looked like this...

Then came time to add the stain which would give it color and the sealer which would protect the concrete and give it some shine.  We had mixed feelings about how exactly it would turn out but we love our finished look!
Especially AB, she is really excited with the new look.  (if the wife is happy, life is happy)

Maintenance is minimal with just needing to run a swiffer regularly and waxing the floors twice a year.  It really won't be cold to the touch in the winter time since it is a slab that is built into the ground (but we'll let you know for sure since winter is around the corner).  

I am glad we are done!  Now we get to shop for a cool area rug.

September 18, 2012

Convos w/ IzzyB # 2

I am not a handy man.  Yet we have taken on a big D.I.Y. project at the house.  We are taking on our floors.  I just dove in and about two hours into the project I was starting to worry with regret.

AB and IzzyB had a baby shower to go to Saturday afternoon and were getting ready to head out the door.  I was sitting in our make-shift living room (camping chairs) taking a break when IzzyB walks in:

Daddy, get up we need to go
Baby, I am not going.  It's just you and mamma going
OK daddy, you need to stay here and work on the floors.
(looking defeated) Yes, I do
(She puts her hand on my shoulder)
You're doing a good job daddy

She really has no idea if I am doing a good job or not but the innocence and her willingness to encourage can motivate anyone!
She is always so encouraging and wants to help out with anything we are doing that I sure hope this keeps up as she gets older.

September 12, 2012

Amazing Grace

AB has been singing this song to IzzyB for awhile now and she has taken to loving it and knowing it.  We always sing a few songs as we put IzzyB to bed and this is usually a request.  Lately she will sit up and want to sing with us and we absolutely encourage her to sing with us.

The first time she sang this out loud AB and I had tears in our eyes.  And tonight I was thoughtful enough to grab my phone to record her rendition.  Now you can enjoy the song.

What she is singing:
"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
Amazing love, now flowing down
His hands and feet that were nailed to a tree
Grace flows down and covers me"

This is a song we were taught by our friend and former worship pastor, Greg Watlington.  
These words are so sweet and so truthful.  We hope and pray that IzzyB finds the truth and comfort in these words as she grows older too.  

First Record Store Visit

Not sure if you all are aware that we have a few favorite bands as a family. One of these bands is The Avett Brothers and yesterday their newest album was released.

We went to dinner in Nashville and I figured we should support our local record store by buying the new album there. If you know me well, you also know I like to get the actual album of my favorite artists and not just download it off the interwebs.

AB had a phone call to make so IzzyB and I were the only ones to get down. I was secretly excited for it to just be her and I. We walk in and it is slammed! Paper Route had just performed an in-store show. I quickly grab her hand because it's a crowded place with little walkways to squeeze through. I go straight to the New Release wall and grab the album and then we just look around for a bit.

She looked like a pro going through some CD's. I had a glimpse of a future where she loves going to record stores and also collecting the hardware instead of electronic versions. We'll see what happens.

I'm glad and proud IzzyB always request music when we get in a car.

September 09, 2012

Another First

Tonight we had another first in the household. IzzyB woke up really late today, which meant we got to sleep in! That late wake up also meant she didn't get a nap in today and she did fine all day with no melt downs. Thank goodness!

After church tonight we got dinner and as she finished, she requested a bath. So we started the bath and got ready for bed with the usual book reading time. Well tonight for the first time as AB was reading to her, she fell asleep during the story! It was also the first time I was able to carry her to bed and it was priceless!

IzzyB is such a busy-body that when she is tired she just keeps moving around in order to not fall asleep. Well tonight Mr. Sandman caught her off fairs during story time.

Thank you Mr. Sandman for giving me a first as a dad.