September 12, 2012

Amazing Grace

AB has been singing this song to IzzyB for awhile now and she has taken to loving it and knowing it.  We always sing a few songs as we put IzzyB to bed and this is usually a request.  Lately she will sit up and want to sing with us and we absolutely encourage her to sing with us.

The first time she sang this out loud AB and I had tears in our eyes.  And tonight I was thoughtful enough to grab my phone to record her rendition.  Now you can enjoy the song.

What she is singing:
"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
Amazing love, now flowing down
His hands and feet that were nailed to a tree
Grace flows down and covers me"

This is a song we were taught by our friend and former worship pastor, Greg Watlington.  
These words are so sweet and so truthful.  We hope and pray that IzzyB finds the truth and comfort in these words as she grows older too.  
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