November 19, 2008


Behold the official new poster for LOST Season 5 from ABC.

This is the one show that we cannot miss!  We own the first 3 seasons on DVD and season 4 we will get when it comes out next month. 

When will we know everything?  Soon, because the show ends with Season 6. 
I am not looking forawrd to seeing this show come to an end but I am looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up because the show has gotten all kinds of crazy and out of control. 

If you have still never seen LOST, I highly recommend checking it out and try not to get hooked after the first few epi's of Season 1.  Trust me...I have seen Season 1 entirely 3 times!!!

November 06, 2008


There is a random sports blog that I read and today I saw an endorsement for one of my favorite drinks...this is what it said...

"So, in the spirit of completely random endorsements, I’d like to take a few moments to endorse the finest non-alcohoilc drink on the planet: Horchata.

The usual description of Horchata is “rice-cinnamon drink,” but that doesn’t begin to touch upon what it is to experience this heaven-sent elixir made in buckets by illegal aliens at Mexican taquerias. What’s Horchata? Take the flavor of a nice, soft churro, mix in the addictiveness of crack cocaine, and somehow turn it into an ice-cold drink. It is the perfectly sweet companion (for your palate AND your digestive tract) to tostadas, gigantic burritos, authentic soft-shell tacos, or whatever else you’ve loaded with fiery tomatillo salsa.

Listen to me, people. I’m a barely functioning alcoholic. But when I get Mexican food, I skip the Dos Equis and Pacifico and order a Horchata (an Horchata? Dang Spanish).

***runs six blocks to nearest taqueria


This blog uses a lot of choice I did edit this posting to not feature those said choice words. Anyway...I thought it was too funny that those guys actually knew what it was and love it as much as I do. If you do not know what it look for an authentic mexican taqueria and they should have it for you to try.

2 postings in one day...w00t!!

Commercial Suicide

The other night we were watching some TV and laughing about how some commercials really turn us off to whatever they are marketing. Well right off the bat Amy and I spatted out that the most annoying commercial right now is the Toyota zero financing commercials. If you have seen it you know what we mean. It's not the huge dancing zero avoiding the 11 featured cars sliding across the screen...what is so annoying about it is the darn jingle! the jingle "Saved By Zero" haunts my dreams I have seen that thing so many times.

They show it soooo much during football games, no is on during every commercial break and it is a 30 second long.

I mention this because the sale ended Nov. 3rd. When I would see and hear the commercial I would remind myself Nov. 3rd is almost hear and no more jingle!

that is until I read an article last night that they are extending the sale until the end of the month...