November 21, 2007

I Know I Know

...that we go through phases of posting, then not, then post a bit more, then not. It's a vicious cycle that we keep getting into. meh

Well today is our Friday! Thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday and no work on the actualy Friday...woooot!

Oh we need to let everyone know that this past Saturday we went to this local ministry called Graceworks and it a place where people can donate stuff they do not want or need any longer and also it is a food pantry donation center. It is a great ministry that helps provide for the needy in the area. For the food pantry the months of November and December are their greatest donation times for the entire year. So as a community group we went over there and help sort out tons of food onto the shelves.

What's great is that it was a lot of fun for us even though it took up our Saturday morning and was work, we all had fun in doing it and helped Graceworks in getting organized in getting food out to the needy.
What's even funnier is that I was taking true ownership of some of the sections...example: the Soup section was all divided up into Chicken Noodle(which was #1 soup donated), Tomato, Cream Of's, Broths, then all the Campbells Select soups were grouped together.
Well everytime I came over with soups to put up I would find Tomato in with the Chicken I would then stop everything and organize it all before I started up packing my box of soup cans. I did that with very section I came across.

I just didn't want to do things half right...and it was sad to me when I found sections unorganized and scattered. So for those 2 hours I tried my best to get it as organized as I could. I don't know that it'll make a difference, but it made a difference to me.

Monday night we had our community group Thanksgiving meal...but instead of cooking we all just went to Crackel Barrel. Ha! But it was good. We did, however, all made desserts! So after dinner we went back to our house and had waiting: 2 pumpkin pies, a pecan pie, a chocolate pecan pie (Amy was proud of that one, and it was sooo grood [good and great]), a fruit salad, and homemade banana pudding. Oh man, we fulfilled the Thanksgiving tradition of eating until you're on the verge of it about to all come back up. Ha!
It was all soooo grood!

*We would have pictures for you guys but alas we aren't huge picture takers

But here's some funny drawings from natalie dee.

November 08, 2007

Devil's Haircut (the Remix)

I get home and let the dogs out.
As they come back in i notice something different about Rupert.

Amy came to the house during the day today and brought Olivia down to play with the dogs. So Amy calls me as she is getting off of work and tells me she cut Rupert's hair, on his head only though.

I almost wanted to ask if he got gum caught in it or if Olivia threw up on him or something drastic to deserve this...

Yes...his ears were cut off too!
Amy just said that he needed his hair cut bad...I mean seriously why spend $40 on the dog to be groomed when he can look that fabulous.

OK so his ears were not cut off, Amy is not that cruel and unusual, he's actually in a calm-submissive state so his ears are laying back. *little Ceaser knowledge for ya.

That actually makes his look really bad...but here is one that you can at least see his ears.'s a good thing we didn't pay for that one this time. Also a good thing that he doesn't care what he looks like.

I wonder if he can tell what my grimacing face means every time we make eye contact?

This is also the dog that we might be getting a backpack to be weighed down during his walks so that he gets a more intense work out. And also thinking of getting him shoes since when it rains he always finds the mud to bring into the house. This dog i a mess.

Do you all think I'm ready for parenthood soon?

November 05, 2007

Smile Like You Mean It

So I have figured I have made you all wait long enough without a new post. So here we are sitting in the living room watching the start of MNF, the Steelers are wearing their ugly throw-back uni's and it reminded me to blog.

OK, maybe not.

Here's what's new...

-going back to the weekend of Oct. 20th and 21st. Amy flew to Miami to attend the wedding of her cousin Michael. So Amy got to spend a 2nd weekend this month with Momma Allen! Sounds like the family had a great weekend and Amy did come home with a few pictures...but this is my favorite.
(hopefully i won't get punched, pinched, or smacked for posting this picture)

-The following weekend of the 27th and 28th our friend Cassie came into town. (Cassie you got a shout out, more reason to check the blog as frequent as once per week, thank you very much) and so we hung out with her and Wendy most of the time. Had good outings, good food, and good laughs. Best quote of Friday night..."You want to lick the inside of my bag?" ****NOT sexual in any way!!!**** good one Stivers. (another shout out)
Sat. night was spent at tour house making burritos! We could give chipotle a run for it's money with the burritos we made that night. Here's a tasty picture...
Josh, you'd be proud of my huge bite. (shout out)

We also lit up the clay chimenea that my parents gave to us last Christmas. It's taken us that long to actually put it to use. But it was awesome! I google how to maintain one and get it ready to light a fire in and i got my learn on. I got it all ready and off it went!What a beaut.

-Halloween night was a lot of fun. We did our annual 'mugging' of Spring Hill for Grace Park and we actually hosted a cook-out in our drive way for out neighborhood for the families trick-or-treating. So it was a lot of fun and the weather cooperated this year. Big Ups to the weather last week.

-Then came this past weekend. We went to the the local corn maze at the Rippavilla Plantation. It was the last weekend open so we hit it up and wandered around in it for about 45 minutes. Every year it is a new design and here it is.
So that was fun with friends and then the rest of the weekend we did nothing special. Alright...this lappy is getting hot on my lap. Until next like you mean it!

Peace out!