February 28, 2008


I have ben meaning to post this earlier in the week but Amy has been bitten by the flu bug. Very fortunately enough we caught it really early and she is already in recovery, well for the most part. She did get out of the house today and ran some errands on her own accord. So i figure it's a step into recovery.

Onto the original reason of the post...

Last Saturday night we had a community group service project. So we traveled on up to the Nashville Rescue Mission and volunteered in the kitchen. Jason and Amy (Davis) had already been there a few times and had experience at the facility and with the people. Here's a pic with all of our serving gear on...
It is easy to forget about people in poverty. And to think that there are so many homeless people in Nashville still surprises me. I keep thinking of Derek Webb's song I Repent and about how Amy and I and our friends are so blessed and how we don't need to take it for granted or in vain.

i repent, i repent of living like i deserve anything
of my house, my fence, my kids, my wife
in our suburb where we're safe and white

We all know that I myself am not white...but I will admit that I very much americanized and could probably pass for it if it weren't for my darker skin. There's the lyrics from his song Rich Young Ruler.
poverty is so hard to see
when it’s only on your tv and twenty miles across town
where we’'re all living so good
that we moved out of Jesus’ neighborhood
where he’s hungry and not feeling so good
from going through our trash
he says, more than just your cash and coin
i want your time, i want your voice
i want the things you just can’t give me

I just love those lyrics...not only b/c they are true...but b/c they are uncomfortable. very uncomfortable.

Our time spent at the rescue mission was not a lot of time to serve and it wasn't the most time that we could have given either. But we had fun and we got to serve a lot of homeless men...the biggest thing I think we all got out of it is the reminder of the homeless so close to home. B/c we do live 30 miles away in a safe suburb it is so easy to forget, like the lyrics say, so the upside was that we were around the people Jesus was around all the time.

I hope this is a reminder to you all to not take everything for granted and try to help and serve those who are in poverty.

February 27, 2008

I Melt With You

See... There is all the snow coming down outside our office building.

February 26, 2008

Summertime in Wintertime

Isn't it weird that sooo (needs more o's but I'll spare them) many people were up in arms are global warming. Global warming,apparently, is happening because of all the things we misuse here on earth and/or such things as the ice caps are melting in the artic. Even Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for "An Inconveniant Truth!" Now, I haven't seen it but I really don't have reason too because I never jump on board with the whole global wamring phase.

I rememeber this past fall on the show Kid Nation where one of the brightest kids I have ever seen made such a case about global warming on the show and in the post show interviews. People are inbedding the issue into schools...crazy!

Don't get me wrong...I am all for being "green." Heck we are now paying a guy $11 a month to come pick up recycling bins from our house everyday. We did buy "green" light bulbs for most of our house. The only trouble where we don't do "green" is in conserving water. I have heard some people suggest that you place a tub in the shower and let the water collect while you wait for it to warm up to use for indoor plants and outdoor watering. I really don't want to have to haul a large wet tub out of the shower every morning before I get in, or before Amy gets in. meh.

We're headed in the "green' direction...as you have just read. And I am proud of it...helping out with my carbon footprint on this earth does make me feel a little better...but I digress.

Global warming...so what is happening right now. It's freezing outside!!! (it really is going to snow here in middle TN tonight) There are record low temps all over the world right now!
So...I am proud to say I never jumped on the global warming bandwagon because right now...it's kind of a joke.

Here's the article I read that made me post this entry...it's a good one.

It even states that it could be the beginning of a minor Ice Age for Earth...now wouldn't that be irony.

Everyone...stay warm!

February 24, 2008

Dig It

Friday night we had some friends of ours over for some dinner and to hang out and we had a blast. Amy and I attempted to make some bean and beef tostadas...we didn't want to use the Crews and Josh and Mandy as guinea pigs for our new recipe...but we took the chance. And they turned out awesome! ere are the awesome pics I took of the finished product...

Good huh?
oh yea...they were awesome and we are going to make them a lot more often now.

Then we went out to the garage and got a little ping pong action going...

It was about the 5th time we have used the table tennis table and it was a blast. The most fun is playing Round Robin on it where we all run around the table hitting the ball. If you have never played...go do it!

Anyway...the purpose of this blog entry was to show you the tostadas we made b/c we have been trying to make more Mexican food that I grew up eating. I actually attempted to make the cheese tacos that are a staple in my parents house and they were good. I say attempted b/c I had tried making them before and it was not a pretty site or taste. blah! But the other night they were awesome and I'll be maing those again too.
Now if I can only master those tamales from an earlier post...? meh...I'll put that one off for awhile.

February 19, 2008

Lemon Love

Amy always squeezes them and puts them in her water or iced tea.

do you?

maybe not after you watch this...

Needless to say...Amy will not be touching, squeezing, adding, or even requesting lemon wedges with her water or iced tea.

Tell Me What You See

I'm sure everyone heard about what happened in Amy's hometown of Stephenville last month. It made national news. It was covered so much that we in TN felt like we were back in TX watching local news channels.

Well if you did not hear what happened...
There were UFO sightings in Stephenville and the town next door Dublin (where THE best Dr. Pepper is made).
*SIDENOTE* Jason's Deli here in Franklin, TN carries Dublin Dr. Pepper in there fountain drink machine!!! I had 3 cups within an hour lunch...so good...but not so good after the fact that I drank 3 cups. sheesh!*
So yes! UFO sightings! So of course we called Amy's Dad to confirm since they live there in Stephenville. Of course he assured us that the only people that the news stations interviewed were the local wackos trying to get their 15 secs. of fame. And it worked by the look of all the national coverage.
I even read about it in the Daily Slices of Relevant Magazines website. weird.

Well a few weeks had passed and we had forgotten about it until we get this random box in the mailbox. In it were black t-shirts and as we unfolded them...this is what we found on them...

Someone is actually making money of these sightings too! Well...to each his own.

Watch out for those UFO's out there in TX ya'll!

and thanks to Dad and Devonna for the t-shirts...we'll wear them with much pride of our hometown!!!

February 14, 2008

All You Need Is Love

Happy Heart Day to all!!!
We hope everyone had a great loving day.

We are about to settle down with some Carrabba's curbside take out and
watch this weeks epi of LOST.

Oh yes I hope this works... I am mobile blogging. Will blog more later.

Oh! You all need to watch Across The Universe...and remember "all you
need is love!"

February 06, 2008

Shelter from the Storm

hello all!
Well i am sure that some of you are/have wondered if we are OK after all of the crazy storms tht we endured in the souther states last night.
If you haven't wondered about it...we had tons of crazy storms last night and tornadoes.

But yes, we are OK.

It was crazy though that there were about 48 deaths because of these storms. Lots of damage. The craziest is that over in Jackson, TN on the campus if Union University a dorm building collapsed. I can't imagine.

Well I think we are ready for the spring now.
Bring on some sunshine and warmth!

Amy has this great story of her and the Jacob girls from about 2 weeks ago and I need to get her to blog about it b/c it is really funny. Maybe by this weekend...but don't hold your breath.

Today was national signing day for college. I just read that Mack Brown says this signing class is all about speed. Too bad they couldn't land Darrel Scott...he would have been a good pick-up.
Well I'll raise my glass (cup of snickerdoodle latte) to the Longhorns and hoefully a good season next Fall. *tap* Hook'em!

dang it's already February?!?!?