May 30, 2008

It's All Understood

There is this site called GraphJams and they create graphs about stuff that includes songs, movies, and all that involves today's pop culture. You can even make your own if you fancy. The song graphs are my favorite b/c they are a play on the songs lyrics.
Since I am a huge Bealtes fan there are 2 Beatles songs referenced.


song chart memes

funny graphs

funny graphs

song chart memes

song chart memes

And my personal favorite...
song chart memes
more graph humor and song chart memes

May 29, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

First's the first post in awhile now. I have been meaning to get on here and blog about our past weekend b/c it was awesome but we have been busy cleaning, having community group, walking/running, and just being lazy. Yup we are busy.

On with the show!

Mom Allen was in town this weekend! We had some activities planned for Saturday but that day only. We tried to keep it cool and relaxing so that we would not tire her out before returning to Texas. Well Saturday turned out to be too much anyway...sorry Mom. (b/c we know you'll be reading this)

We started it all by getting up early to go pick some fresh strawberries. And it was awesome...check it out.

OK, I know those are a lot of pictures of just one thing we did but we had to over compensate for the zero pictures we took after that morning. ha!

Those berries were sooo stinkin' good. We picked 4 pounds total and still have about 2 pounds in our freezer so we can use in smoothies in the days to come.

After the berry pickin' we went to get some lunch at Utopia Coffee here in town then did some grocery shopping. Next, we went to a local winery/vineyard that is fairly new. The face of it is half of Brooks & Dunn...the Brooks half. It is called Arrington Vineyards and it is really cool there since it is out in the country with lots lots lots of outdoor seating to enjoy the countryside views. On their site they encourage peeps to bring a picnic and just hang out...and next time we will.

After that we came home to relax some before we went out for dinner. But before we went to dinner we went to get some running shoes and then hit the mall up. So then by the time we got to dinner at 7:30 Mom was tired and I think we were also tired and it started to show fast.

The rest of the weekend we mostly hung out and talked so Saturday was our busy day but then on Memorial Day Monday we had a cookout for lunch then took mom to the airport at 6pm. Then we drove back and had another cookout with some of our friends. So by Monday night we slept like rocks!

OK...we are out to watch the S4 finale of LOST.

May 21, 2008

Deep in the Heart of Texas

After being back in Texas this past weekend, we had a reminder of the pride that comes with being a Texas native. Since moving out of Texas to Tennessee we noticed that no one talked about TN like people talked about TX. I know there are all the crazy sterotypes of Texans, like wearing boots and a cowboy hat everyday and riding a horse, which of course are completely bogus. But Texans also have a reputation of being too prideful of Texas and about being from there. I don't hear anyone proudly and boldly proclaim to be from Ohio, Iowa, Oregan, or any other state that is not Texas.

I guess I don't understand why we Texans have so much pride for our state but I love it that we are set apart. However, I try not to be obnoxious about it when in TN because it gets annoying to non-Texans, I have found out really fast. It is nice to be a fan of TX sports teams though b/c here is Vol country with that bright orange referred to as "big orange." And all of the Titans fans around too. So there is loyalty and pride in the university sports and pro sports teams but its not TN love as a state.

It's also fun to meet people from TX everywhere else too because it's like you become insta-friends or comrades. Well we are proud to be from Texas and we make it known in the most non-obnoxious ways we can. (sorry if we do get annoying about it at times you TN friends)

Lastly...when we were at Isai's graduation ceremony at Sam Houston the keynote speaker ended her speech with "...God bless Texas and God bless all of you!" In my mind I thought 'yea, that just happened' and had a silly grin on my face. It was good to be home.

May 19, 2008

Rite of Spring

Well we are back in TN after what seemed like the longest weekend, but we were fine with that. Being that we were back in TX and with some family, we could have stayed a few extra days. Well after we flew in we went to Rosenberg then Friday morning we drove to Huntsville to meet Isai and his wife Amy. They took us on a quick tour of the campus at Sam Houston State University before Amy and I went to meet her dad, grandmother, and brother for lunch.

It was good to her her family for a bit during lunch but then it as off to meet up with my family again. The boys went to play golf and the ladies all went to pamper themselves with manicures and what not. Dad stayed at the hotel and napped, ha!

After golf and girly pampering we all met up at Isai and Amy's house to spend the rest of the evening. They live so close to some property own by the school that is a soccer field and a track next to it, so we all went to the park and us guys kicked the soccer ball around. The picture shows the seats of the field and Isai mentioned that it was the original football field for the school. It's great to see so much history there in Huntsville, that and the prison, ha!

Saturday morning was the graduation ceremony then off to their house again for a celebration that was a crawfish boil. And it was so good. We had a lot of friends and family show up to celebrate with Isai on his accomplishment.

This is a picture of Isai and his wife Amy.

Then a picture of the entire Llanes clan!
(left to right: Amy B, Isaac, Dad, Mom, Isai, Amy E, Andy)

Over all it was a great weekend and even though it felt long it wasn't long enough.

May 15, 2008

Take offs and landings

Well we got to Houtson but there is a plane still sitting at the gate.
So here we are playing with our thumbs.

Brighter Days

Well tonight we shall be flying back to our original home state, Texas. And I am uber excited!!! My brother Isai is graduating from SHSU and the ceremony is on Sat. morning and then we are having a big 'ol crawfish boil. It is going to be sooooo goooood.
I have been craving crawfish for about...since we moved to TN...pretty much.

Amy and I also decided that we want to buy some packs fo blue bonnet flower seeds to plant back here in TN. Not sure how we will plant them or where...but man do we miss seeing those out in the open fields. Maybe we'll buy a case and drive around the area throwing the seeds out of our car windows...that should do the trick, right?!

Well, I am sure that you have noticed the new digs for the blog. (if you are reading this from a should come check it out, it's all types of snazzy) It's got a Mac feel to I love it.

Also I have recently started using Twitter and I posted a widget on the sidebar that'll show the updates. So it keeps you all updated on us more regularly...well if I remember to post of course. And... I am trying to be better about posting on here too. It makes it easier that I know how to post from my phone now. More posting...on the go!

Oh...for those music fans out there...the new Death Cab for Cutie album "Narrow Stairs" is superb. And I highly recommend it to anyone.
Fav Tracks include: Cath... & Grapevine Fires & No Sunlight & Pity and Fear.
I have not yet listened to or bought the new Old 97's album but I will have my hands on it very soon.

May 14, 2008

Ladies night

Then the girls and an 80's night with karaoke and dressing you
can plainly see.

Rock Band

This is from last Friday night where we rocked the house!
Introducing the band...(from left to right)
On bass, Josh Shetter
Vocals, yours truly, Isaac
On the kit, Bill 'The Beast from the East" Harold
On guitar, hitting the high notes, Adam Mast.

Taking the picture is our hype man, Jason "Rev" Davis

Coming to a town near you...

May 04, 2008

When The Lights Go Out

This weekend was a great one!

What made it great was that Saturday night we got to go see Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken play an acoustic set of their own songs and the new songs off their Ampersand EP. I was so excited to finally see Derek play after leaving in the same area of TN as him for 3 years not not getting to see him live until this past weekend.

If you a regular reader or know me personally, you know that I really like Derek and he is one of my most favorite musical artist. He was the main reason I had started to play guitar a few years ago now and i have followed his musical career since Caedmon Call's 40 Acres album.

I was introduced to Caedmon's Call my senior year in high school by my friend Erika and one of her favorite songs off of their self-titled album was a song Derek Webb had written, Center Aisle. I had become an instant fan. Later on that year, Caedmon's release their 40 Acres album and we got to go their CD release concert at 2nd Baptist church in Houston. It was such a good show. Since then i have seen Caedmon's live a number of times and I specifically remember Derek and Sandra coming to Brownwood to play an acoustic set at FBC Brownwood while in college. Derek was going around promoting his first solo album since leaving Caedmon's.

I typed all of that to show you that I have kept up with him pretty well and shows you mu fan loyalty. But also to date myself, meaning...that I realized at this weekend's show that I am old. There were college kids there that only know Derek as a solo artist. He does have 4 solo albums out now and the new EP with his wife Sandra. So he's had a solo career for awhile. It just really threw me off last night when these people we mouthing to his newer album's songs. Then when he played a song off of the 40 Acres album, no one mouthed it and seemed to be taking the song in as if it were brand new. what!?!! Oh man...that's weird to me.

I guess I keep being surprised with the way I am shown by the world that I am not as young as I think I am. (I type this while I ice my knee b/c I keep going all out at Ultimate Frisbee every Sunday morning, my right knee is swollen twice it's size)

Well it was a great show and he is a great entertainer, playing his songs or by just talking. I only wish i could have asked him one question...Where does he buy his jeans? And I only wanted to ask that b/c he has a small frame, like myself, and I always have a hard time finding jeans the right length.
OK...hopefully you all will check out his music and see him live if you like it.
Here's to a new week!