May 04, 2008

When The Lights Go Out

This weekend was a great one!

What made it great was that Saturday night we got to go see Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken play an acoustic set of their own songs and the new songs off their Ampersand EP. I was so excited to finally see Derek play after leaving in the same area of TN as him for 3 years not not getting to see him live until this past weekend.

If you a regular reader or know me personally, you know that I really like Derek and he is one of my most favorite musical artist. He was the main reason I had started to play guitar a few years ago now and i have followed his musical career since Caedmon Call's 40 Acres album.

I was introduced to Caedmon's Call my senior year in high school by my friend Erika and one of her favorite songs off of their self-titled album was a song Derek Webb had written, Center Aisle. I had become an instant fan. Later on that year, Caedmon's release their 40 Acres album and we got to go their CD release concert at 2nd Baptist church in Houston. It was such a good show. Since then i have seen Caedmon's live a number of times and I specifically remember Derek and Sandra coming to Brownwood to play an acoustic set at FBC Brownwood while in college. Derek was going around promoting his first solo album since leaving Caedmon's.

I typed all of that to show you that I have kept up with him pretty well and shows you mu fan loyalty. But also to date myself, meaning...that I realized at this weekend's show that I am old. There were college kids there that only know Derek as a solo artist. He does have 4 solo albums out now and the new EP with his wife Sandra. So he's had a solo career for awhile. It just really threw me off last night when these people we mouthing to his newer album's songs. Then when he played a song off of the 40 Acres album, no one mouthed it and seemed to be taking the song in as if it were brand new. what!?!! Oh man...that's weird to me.

I guess I keep being surprised with the way I am shown by the world that I am not as young as I think I am. (I type this while I ice my knee b/c I keep going all out at Ultimate Frisbee every Sunday morning, my right knee is swollen twice it's size)

Well it was a great show and he is a great entertainer, playing his songs or by just talking. I only wish i could have asked him one question...Where does he buy his jeans? And I only wanted to ask that b/c he has a small frame, like myself, and I always have a hard time finding jeans the right length.
OK...hopefully you all will check out his music and see him live if you like it.
Here's to a new week!
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