May 15, 2008

Brighter Days

Well tonight we shall be flying back to our original home state, Texas. And I am uber excited!!! My brother Isai is graduating from SHSU and the ceremony is on Sat. morning and then we are having a big 'ol crawfish boil. It is going to be sooooo goooood.
I have been craving crawfish for about...since we moved to TN...pretty much.

Amy and I also decided that we want to buy some packs fo blue bonnet flower seeds to plant back here in TN. Not sure how we will plant them or where...but man do we miss seeing those out in the open fields. Maybe we'll buy a case and drive around the area throwing the seeds out of our car windows...that should do the trick, right?!

Well, I am sure that you have noticed the new digs for the blog. (if you are reading this from a should come check it out, it's all types of snazzy) It's got a Mac feel to I love it.

Also I have recently started using Twitter and I posted a widget on the sidebar that'll show the updates. So it keeps you all updated on us more regularly...well if I remember to post of course. And... I am trying to be better about posting on here too. It makes it easier that I know how to post from my phone now. More posting...on the go!

Oh...for those music fans out there...the new Death Cab for Cutie album "Narrow Stairs" is superb. And I highly recommend it to anyone.
Fav Tracks include: Cath... & Grapevine Fires & No Sunlight & Pity and Fear.
I have not yet listened to or bought the new Old 97's album but I will have my hands on it very soon.
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