May 19, 2008

Rite of Spring

Well we are back in TN after what seemed like the longest weekend, but we were fine with that. Being that we were back in TX and with some family, we could have stayed a few extra days. Well after we flew in we went to Rosenberg then Friday morning we drove to Huntsville to meet Isai and his wife Amy. They took us on a quick tour of the campus at Sam Houston State University before Amy and I went to meet her dad, grandmother, and brother for lunch.

It was good to her her family for a bit during lunch but then it as off to meet up with my family again. The boys went to play golf and the ladies all went to pamper themselves with manicures and what not. Dad stayed at the hotel and napped, ha!

After golf and girly pampering we all met up at Isai and Amy's house to spend the rest of the evening. They live so close to some property own by the school that is a soccer field and a track next to it, so we all went to the park and us guys kicked the soccer ball around. The picture shows the seats of the field and Isai mentioned that it was the original football field for the school. It's great to see so much history there in Huntsville, that and the prison, ha!

Saturday morning was the graduation ceremony then off to their house again for a celebration that was a crawfish boil. And it was so good. We had a lot of friends and family show up to celebrate with Isai on his accomplishment.

This is a picture of Isai and his wife Amy.

Then a picture of the entire Llanes clan!
(left to right: Amy B, Isaac, Dad, Mom, Isai, Amy E, Andy)

Over all it was a great weekend and even though it felt long it wasn't long enough.
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