January 31, 2011

Three Zero

Another Monday has passed but it was a unique Monday. On this Monday I turned 30 years old. It is shocking to me that I am now thirty and I am sure my parents are flipping out that I am now thirty. I know I cannot imagine IzzyB being thirty years old at all and when it happens I am sure I will wonder where the years have gone.

It is quite unique how Facebook has brought about the networking that allows everyone who is a friend to send you a quick message to wish you happy birthday. I know some people argue that they only sent the message because they get the reminder on the sign in page but it still takes a little bit of effort to navigate over to one's wall (OK, no effort at all but humor me). Just saying it does make me feel good that people sent little messages or "wall postings" to me on my birthday. Even though there are many cons to this social networking craze our society is now neck deep in, it is still incredible that we are connected to people from our childhood and past to the people we see every week.

All this to say, "Thank You" to all who have wished me a happy birthday today.
Now I need to go renew online my driver's license that is about to expire...