December 12, 2007

How Bizarre

As we are in the mist of this writer's strike...we are forced to watch re-runs. But we are taking action and we are being proactive! We did not finish the last season of 24 on network TV last now we are renting the DVD's of season 6 that were released last week!

I really don't know why we stopped watching it last year. But it all makes sense now. My sub conscience knew that we would have time to watch it at a later time on DVD. And good thing i acted on those unknown gut feelings!

OK, not really, we actually thought it was a little slow to start off so we stopped watching out of boredom. Now that boredom abounds with no new TV...these DVD's were released at a perfect time. (BTW we aren't married to the TV's)

BUT, the point of this blog is b/c one of the characters on this season of 24 brings back some nostalgic memories of my childhood. It is Rick Schroeder! During the epi's I would comment and say something like "yea, whatever silver spoons!" Turns out Amy didn't know what I was referring to. I tried telling her about the show and how the guy who played Carlton on Fresh Prince was also in the show and how they were best friends...she had no clue.

Also turns out that she never saw the show growing up?!!?!?
I just find it hard to believe. I thought that show was a staple in all of the people in age now.
Oh if you also don't know what I am referring to when I mention the show Silver is an awesome clip i found of the show.

Enjoy this nostalgic moment!

December 03, 2007

December 4th tomorrow

It's already DECEMBER!?!?!

Is anyone else irritated by the writer's strike and how the shows are all reaching the end of their stock pile scripts. Now that all the shows are ending on their completed scripts the shows are going on hiatus and nothing but re-runs will now air.
How's about Conan O'Brien paying his non-writing staff their salaries out of his own pocket...something i read i thought i'd share it.

oh man, got nothing to write about...

dag, welp here's some comics

And this guy shows how i feel about most Top 40 radio singles

November 21, 2007

I Know I Know

...that we go through phases of posting, then not, then post a bit more, then not. It's a vicious cycle that we keep getting into. meh

Well today is our Friday! Thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday and no work on the actualy Friday...woooot!

Oh we need to let everyone know that this past Saturday we went to this local ministry called Graceworks and it a place where people can donate stuff they do not want or need any longer and also it is a food pantry donation center. It is a great ministry that helps provide for the needy in the area. For the food pantry the months of November and December are their greatest donation times for the entire year. So as a community group we went over there and help sort out tons of food onto the shelves.

What's great is that it was a lot of fun for us even though it took up our Saturday morning and was work, we all had fun in doing it and helped Graceworks in getting organized in getting food out to the needy.
What's even funnier is that I was taking true ownership of some of the sections...example: the Soup section was all divided up into Chicken Noodle(which was #1 soup donated), Tomato, Cream Of's, Broths, then all the Campbells Select soups were grouped together.
Well everytime I came over with soups to put up I would find Tomato in with the Chicken I would then stop everything and organize it all before I started up packing my box of soup cans. I did that with very section I came across.

I just didn't want to do things half right...and it was sad to me when I found sections unorganized and scattered. So for those 2 hours I tried my best to get it as organized as I could. I don't know that it'll make a difference, but it made a difference to me.

Monday night we had our community group Thanksgiving meal...but instead of cooking we all just went to Crackel Barrel. Ha! But it was good. We did, however, all made desserts! So after dinner we went back to our house and had waiting: 2 pumpkin pies, a pecan pie, a chocolate pecan pie (Amy was proud of that one, and it was sooo grood [good and great]), a fruit salad, and homemade banana pudding. Oh man, we fulfilled the Thanksgiving tradition of eating until you're on the verge of it about to all come back up. Ha!
It was all soooo grood!

*We would have pictures for you guys but alas we aren't huge picture takers

But here's some funny drawings from natalie dee.

November 08, 2007

Devil's Haircut (the Remix)

I get home and let the dogs out.
As they come back in i notice something different about Rupert.

Amy came to the house during the day today and brought Olivia down to play with the dogs. So Amy calls me as she is getting off of work and tells me she cut Rupert's hair, on his head only though.

I almost wanted to ask if he got gum caught in it or if Olivia threw up on him or something drastic to deserve this...

Yes...his ears were cut off too!
Amy just said that he needed his hair cut bad...I mean seriously why spend $40 on the dog to be groomed when he can look that fabulous.

OK so his ears were not cut off, Amy is not that cruel and unusual, he's actually in a calm-submissive state so his ears are laying back. *little Ceaser knowledge for ya.

That actually makes his look really bad...but here is one that you can at least see his ears.'s a good thing we didn't pay for that one this time. Also a good thing that he doesn't care what he looks like.

I wonder if he can tell what my grimacing face means every time we make eye contact?

This is also the dog that we might be getting a backpack to be weighed down during his walks so that he gets a more intense work out. And also thinking of getting him shoes since when it rains he always finds the mud to bring into the house. This dog i a mess.

Do you all think I'm ready for parenthood soon?

November 05, 2007

Smile Like You Mean It

So I have figured I have made you all wait long enough without a new post. So here we are sitting in the living room watching the start of MNF, the Steelers are wearing their ugly throw-back uni's and it reminded me to blog.

OK, maybe not.

Here's what's new...

-going back to the weekend of Oct. 20th and 21st. Amy flew to Miami to attend the wedding of her cousin Michael. So Amy got to spend a 2nd weekend this month with Momma Allen! Sounds like the family had a great weekend and Amy did come home with a few pictures...but this is my favorite.
(hopefully i won't get punched, pinched, or smacked for posting this picture)

-The following weekend of the 27th and 28th our friend Cassie came into town. (Cassie you got a shout out, more reason to check the blog as frequent as once per week, thank you very much) and so we hung out with her and Wendy most of the time. Had good outings, good food, and good laughs. Best quote of Friday night..."You want to lick the inside of my bag?" ****NOT sexual in any way!!!**** good one Stivers. (another shout out)
Sat. night was spent at tour house making burritos! We could give chipotle a run for it's money with the burritos we made that night. Here's a tasty picture...
Josh, you'd be proud of my huge bite. (shout out)

We also lit up the clay chimenea that my parents gave to us last Christmas. It's taken us that long to actually put it to use. But it was awesome! I google how to maintain one and get it ready to light a fire in and i got my learn on. I got it all ready and off it went!What a beaut.

-Halloween night was a lot of fun. We did our annual 'mugging' of Spring Hill for Grace Park and we actually hosted a cook-out in our drive way for out neighborhood for the families trick-or-treating. So it was a lot of fun and the weather cooperated this year. Big Ups to the weather last week.

-Then came this past weekend. We went to the the local corn maze at the Rippavilla Plantation. It was the last weekend open so we hit it up and wandered around in it for about 45 minutes. Every year it is a new design and here it is.
So that was fun with friends and then the rest of the weekend we did nothing special. Alright...this lappy is getting hot on my lap. Until next like you mean it!

Peace out!

October 25, 2007

You Really Got Me

So I discovered a band last night! I thought…sweet a new band, I wonder how many people know about them. I was listening to The Darjeeling Express movie soundtrack and since I have always thought Wes Anderson picked great songs for his movies I take his recommendations to heart. The album is 3/4th all composed music. But there were 3 tracks by this band and I thought the songs were awesome!
So then I went over and searched for them in the CD’s…turns out they have tons of albums…I didn’t know which album to start off with. If I had endless amounts of disposable income I would have bought all of them, but since I don’t I could only get one and I had no clue which CD to start off with. So as smart as I am, I went back…grabbed the soundtrack…and looked for those 3 songs on the backs of the individual CD’s.

They were all on 1 CD!!! Holy Guacamole Batman!

Who is this band you may be asking?

…The Kinks!
I came home and researched them…they started their career in the 1963!?!?!!?!?!
The Kinks are even categorized as a British Invasion band, along with The Beatles (which I love), the Rolling Stones (I don’t care too much for), and The Who (great band).

So apparently I am not best music lover that I even considered myself if I had not heard of the Kinks while I knew of the other big 4 British invasion bands.
I do know their You Really Got Me song though…but I never knew who actually sang it.
(so that song title is very much appropriate as the title of this blog post)

So I retract the excitement I had on the ride home and replaced that feeling for complete stubbornness when I read on Wikipedia about The Kinks. I’m such a bum…I’m going to go discover The Ramones now.

October 24, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

So tonight has started the World Series. So I am here in the back bedroom watching it because when I got home from having dinner with a good friends Amy was watching Private Practice...blah

And since the series is being broad casted by Fox, fortunately that is the only channel that comes in on this TV that operates on the rabbit ears. Well Nashville Public Television is also visible with the rabbit ears...and they do have good shows on there but I always forget about that channel.

Well as I am up watching this game 1, realizing that it is already 10:25, and I should be in bed. The 7th inning stretch comes around...finally(the BoSox are already up 13 to 1), the singer/actress Ashanti gets out on the field to sing God Bless America as is tradition at baseball games. Well it got me thinking...when are they going to protest that song being sung at baseball games? have they already protested it? As much of a baseball fan, I don't know if that has been protested. But I love that they still do it b/c it is a tradition of baseball that needs to remain to keep the sport truly "American"

OK well i am going to bed without watching the end of the game. If i wake up and see tht the Rockies made a rally to beat the Red Sox, I will do something completely irrational not go to work.

hmmmm...should I root for the Rockies now?

Hope everyone had a good hump day!

October 18, 2007

Mexican Wine

I was in the breakroom this morning getting my 2nd cup 'o' joe when another older gentleman comes in to brew from decaf coffee. (He can't hanlde to real stuff apparently)

First thing he says..."has anyone ever told you that you look like the Dog Whiserer?"
Me: Really?
Him: Yea, who know who I am talking about, right?
Me: yea! I am a huge fan of Ceaser Millan.
Him: Yea, the first day i saw you from a distance, i thought the dog whisperer was in the office.

So then we had a small talk about dogs and Ceaser's methods. Needless to say i am a really big fan of Ceaser and if people think i look like him, that's cool

Maybe i should work on my accent and go around trying to get paid for some advice i learned from the 'real' Ceaser.

new name: Isaac 'Ceaser' Llanes

it's has a nice ring to it...haha

October 16, 2007

Chase This Light

Jimmy Eat World's new album dropped today.
And guess who already has a copy...?

the guy sitting next to me.

and myself! oh yes.
*btw the guy next to me doesn't have a copy. also there is no guy next to me.

So you know when you are driving down the road and you come to a traffic light you have the urge to look around at the drivers around you. Then you see the one guy in a nice shirt or business suit scarfing down a sandwich or a burger while they are waiting at the light. Then you think..."good gosh, eat when you are not driving", "get a life", and/or "that guys is disgusting."
Yea...that guy.

I have turned into said 'guy'

I realized it as I made my sandwich in the breakroom today grabbed my diet coke and bag of chips and headed to my car. As I was shoving my sandwich into my mouth at a traffic light I thought...'really?' And yes really...
But I now have a copy of the new JEW album because i made time to go to Borders on my lunch hour!


October 09, 2007

I'm So Tired

Its Tuesday and I wish it were Friday. Hope i'm not the only one that feels this way.

Quick updates! THIS JUST IN!
-Isaac is really enjoying his new job! His boss is awesome, co-workers are cool (the ones he has met, so far), and new hours. *Where the tiredness comes in* Used to have to be at work at 9 and now at 7:30 Yikes! Big change and for some reason I still can't seem to get to bed early.

-Rupert dog got fixed on Friday morning. Yes he was broken, his tail would not wag. But no worries! ...oh and he also cannot go make illegitimate pups with some floozy female dog. Also good news. He was pretty sore until Sunday evening when he threw up some mysterious fluids and pepped up right away. Well at least he's back to normal...but that also came at the expense of some living room carpet.

-Friday night Amy's mom came for a visit and we all had a swell time. We really didn't do too much but it was a great relaxing weekend. And we went out Sat. night and she bought us dinner in celebration on my new job. Oh was a smörgåsbord and we actually just ate the leftovers last night for dinner.

-Speaking of last night...the Cowboys game! I had about 5 heart attacks. Yes, for each one of Romo's interceptions. Dang that kid, what in the world got into his head? Anyway...even though he had a bad game they still came out with a W. and that's what matters in the end.

-And the Red Sox swept the Angels. Almost unfair since the Angels were banged up going into the ALDS. Oh well...and since the Indians beat the Yankees last night *YES* now it's on to the ALCS vs. Cleveland. I saw Manny's home run on Friday night and it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Here's an awesome picture.-Also on the sidebar over there...Amy is done reading that book. She just hasn't started a new one so I haven't been able to change what she is reading but it is the last book she read. And on the other hand..I am still reading th Godfather ...and Made to Stick, and Every Man's Battle, and Praise Habit. I start to many books without finishing. I also just got another 2 books that I want to read...but I'm trying to finish 2 others first.

- So "I'm Reed Fish" wasn't the last movie we saw but it is the last one we saw that we both liked...hence why it is still up. But I do want to go rent "Reign Over Me" which was released today on DVD. Oh and "Across the Universe" I heard it is really good too...but that's only showing in 1 theater in the area and it's in the city. Date night on Friday? I think so!
...Is it Friday yet...this blog is getting long.

i'm tired

September 19, 2007

New Beginnings

Not many of you readers know...
but I, Isaac, am working my last few days at Interlinc.

Interlinc is the reason that we moved out to TN. We thought that by taking this job that it was THE reason God brought us out to TN. But we soon knew that it was just a means by which He would use us here in TN. We are very grateful for the job that brought us out here to where we now consider home.

It is actually going to be weird for me to get up and go to work and it not be Interlinc. I have been working there for 2.9 years now and it has always been a constant in my life here in TN. So'll be quiet weird.

I am moving on to a health care company called Passport Health Communications. And I am really excited to work in a place that is not considered a "Christian" workplace. It feels like i have been in this bubble for sooooooo long now. First with being at school at HPU then working for's like they are their own little worlds. Does that make sense? I don't want Christianity to be the popular thing all around me, all the time. Maybe some people out there in the middle of non-Christians are saying "I would love to be working in a Christian workplace!" But I am past that at this point in time of my life. I need to get out there where my actions are going to be evident. Where my words are not just hot air, wasted, with nothing to back them up.
I guess that is the whole reason I now have a skewed view of Christian music and Christian artist. Not that it is completely negative...just skewed. Main thing is that when artists say that their music is a ministry, it is, but to a certain point. The music industry, Christian or not, is a flat out business. You can call it a ministry all you want but it is still essentially a business at the end of the day. So, it is all dependent on sales...and so was the case at Interlinc. Not that the products were not good, it's just that the vision was blurred.

So I am ready to go somewhere to work where the words ministry, kingdom, and missional goals aren't used in the same context or at all. I hope to be a great employee and be a great asset to the new company and be a little salt and light to everyone around me. So I can only hope to be that salt and light to people. I look forward to not working in the Christian bubble that i have been in for so long and stretch my wings.

wish me luck!

September 10, 2007


This past weekend we packed our car and headed Southeast to the great city of Atlanta. Or as some refer to it "Hotlanta" or the "ATL" Well it wasn't really hot so 'Hotlanta' was not used this weekend. (and actually we packed our friend Mandy's car...since she let us borrow her jeep SUV to bring back some purchases)

We were going to meet our Amy's Dad and our step-mom in ATL for the weekend and hangout. But we also decided to leave extra early Saturday morning to go to one of our favorite stores (and the reason we borrowed Mandy's jeep)...

Mention that store and ATL
...we are on board!

So we made a few purchases and it worked out b/c as we were checking out...the 'rents had gotten to their hotel and were waiting on us. So we packed the car and went to find the hotel. Which was tough since we aren't too familiar with downtown Atlanta and had minimal directions to follow. But we found it and it was quite a spectacular hotel

We didn;t really see the outside of it but when we walked into the lobby from a walkway that lead us from the parking garage...we saw this...
That blue sail looking piece is the top of a bar area called Pulse, I think. And so the inside of the hotel was hollow and all the floors were visible from the first floor and then you could see sky lights (which you cannot see in that picture) all the way at the top of the building. So it was really a cool view.

So we all went out to dinner and then decided to go to the hotel sports bar and grill to watch the Texas football game. You was the 2nd college football week of the year/season...and I spent the morning driving in a car 4 hours. Spent another 1 and 1/2 hours shopping and so on...and not once remembered that I was missing College Game Day and football games on ESPN. So when our dad said we needed to catch the Texas hit me. FOOTBALL!
So we got lucky that it was a big place...and it was really nice...
This was the entrance to is and we were all the way in the back where they had 5 projection screens with 5 different games on. It made up for not watching anything before that that day. And lucky for us there were a few other people from TX there (they weren't all Texas fans...TAMU and TCU) but it was good to have natives present.

Texas won after a slow 1st half so we were all happy!

Well our trip to ATL was great and it was really good to hang out with the 'rents!
We had to head back to TN by noon to be back that evening. So it was a short trip...but a great trip. A good little getaway from our normal hustle and bustle is always nice, verrry nice!

September 04, 2007

Reason Why

...oh yea. The reason why the last posting ended abruptly was because while we were at the base of the waterfall. The camera for the first time since we bought it has no battery power left. So no more pictures = no more blog posting. You only get what we got.

Also blogger was not being very cooperative with that last posting. Or maybe I was tired and the long day away from electronics came into effect which inhibited me from using the computer and internet efficiently. If it's the latter... I have issues.

There was no Monday this work week. AWESOME!

September 03, 2007

Sky Blue Sky

Today was a beautiful day and it was great to be outdoors under the blue sky. Friday night we had planned on going somewhere to hike for Labor Day. Turns out we decided on Fall Creek Falls State Park & Resort.
That park is known for having the tallest waterfall east of the Rockies. That is clearly enough reason to go...right? Bet your bottom dollar it is! So we set off bright and early today. But you can't start a day of hiking without some breakfast, so we all met at a convenient local Cracker Barrel for some good morning eats.

Great drive and we finally got there around 10:30am got all of our gear ready (we packed lunches to eat on the trails) and off we went and hit the trails!

I don't know how many of you all know this (actually I did mention this in my last posting) but TN has been low on the rainfall for the summer months. So we had been talking about how the waterfalls might just look like your ordinary neighborhood cliff...or gorge....because there would be NO water to provide the waterfall we wanted to see.

Well low and behold there was water falling!
The little white dots there at the bottom are some people.

The overlook where i took those pictures of the waterfall was really high so here's is a picture of us with some distance. It's a good one!
Well from that overlook we took the rigorous trail to the base of the waterfall. It was not rigorous going down but we knew climbing back up was going to be cramping our style, literally. The base of the waterfall was worth the trip though being in the gorge surounded by earth, rock, and trees was incredible. So we actually sat down there on the rocks and ate our lunches. Relaxing in the coolness of the shade the gorge provided and hearing the water fall down was just what we needed. Here we are chillin' on our rocks.

September 02, 2007

The Wall

...actually more like the fence. But whatev

So finally...FINALLY (that looks weird in all caps) here ate pictures of our fence that our wonderful Dad and brothers built for us! I'm actually glad that we waited to even take these dang pictures because the grass has been brown most of the summer because of our water drought here in TN. So finally it rained more than once in a week and out grass greened up enough to look decent. Actually it looks amazing in these pics.

The front of left side of the house, or as we refer to it as the non-street side. And you can clearly see why.

Then of course this is the street side of the house. If you were also wondering yes I had cut the yard recently, the day before actually and yes I still cannot grow any stinkin' grass on the sides of the house.

And now 3 pics of the all it's glory.
I had actually just finished mowing the backyard and you can see the tracks on the pavement from the lawn mower. I cut the yard on 2 different days because the back so so stinkin' tall that it would have taken me all of yesterday to do. So being the smarty pants I am...split it into two days. (I really only did it b/c we had plans both afternoons, don't let me fool you into thinking I really am a smarty pants)

Tomorrow is Labor Day which
= 4 day work week!
= happy Isaac & Amy!

And everyone wants a happy Isaac & Amy around
...especially Bugsy and Rupert.

August 31, 2007

Back to the Helicopter we have been slacking over in the blogging department. Why does this happen? oh well, i figure no one is waiting on the edge of their chair for the next Llanes blog posting. But if you are...let me know...i got a remedy somewhere up my sleeve.

So i have recently fallen in love with yet another Google feature: Google Reader. What it does is feeds any website or blog that I subscribe to via the RSS Feed feature and it'll send it all to my Reader. So I have subscribed to a bunch of blogs that I read up on and websites with great articles and whenever something new is posted I get notification of it in my Reader. It's coming in really handy. It also has a share folder where it'll post articles or blog posting that I like onto theis blog. It is the little window over on the right side menu. There's 3 things in there right now( I think). So anytime I read something I want you guys to read, I'll share it via that Reader share box.
Yes it is!

So keep your eyes aware of that sharing box as well as for new postings. Not that I guarantee it'll be updated any more than this here blog itself. But I can try.

So here's a video I came across on the web one day while using the StumbleUpon feature on Mozilla Firefox web browser. I think this place would be awesome to work at...enjoy...

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri and Vimeo.

August 15, 2007

August 14, 2007

The Longest Time

We have a lot to update you all on. And where to begin...ah yes...

on July 25th We flew out to Dallas/Fort Worth area for a few days to spend with Amy's family but mainly for Isaac to be in Jeff Howard's wedding on the 28th. It was a fabulous time of travel that completely wore us out. In all our trip included:
a night in Hico
a day trip to Brownwood
a night in Stephenville,
drive to Ft. Worth, and on to Plano/Richardson area
Wedding on Sat. night
Sunday the 29th we flew to Houston, arrived at 10:30am
then flew back to Nashville at 7:45pm
Finally arriving home at 11:30 pm to get up the next day at get to work.

that wore me out remembering all of that geeesh!

It was a great time seeing family and friends, having all of the Fantastic Four back together again for 2 days! That's Jeff Howard, Josh Shetter, Michael Peeples, and Isaac. The reason it was great was b/c Michael has been overseas for 3 yrs now and we all got to see him at the same time and had a grand 'ole time running a muck through the DFW area.

Our detour through Houston was all planned out to surprise Isaac's Dad on his birthdya being July 29th. Isai and his wife Amy picked us up from the airport and we surprised that at lunch. It was awesome! The only bummer thing about it was that we had to leave that same day.
But it was something that will never be forgotten!

OK...sorry for no picks but we were slackers in the picture department on our trip except for the wedding. I'll post those soon.

Then on August 4th Michael flew into Nashville to spend a few days with Josh, Amy, and I. It was great to have Michael come over and meet our friends and just see where we live before he goes overseas again. As usual we mostly ate, talked about our current lives, talked about music, and reminisced about the old college days. ha! good time!

Michael flew out on Wed. morning of the 8th and then Amy's Dad, 2 brothers, and grandmother arrived Thurs. morning at 4am. They dove all night through!!! Amy's family had agreed to come help us get a fence up at the house. (again sorry for the lack of pictures, soon though) So they did and the fence was finished by Sun. morning.
We cannot in anyway so how much appreciate Dad, Scott, and Daniel for all of their hard work! I helped some but I mostly tried staying out of the way to not disrupt what was going on. But i tried to make sure everything that was needed was available. I wonder if they think i did? probably not. ha!
The bad part was that Scott and Daniel had developed blisters on their hands from working the two-man auger to dig the post holes, Scott dropped a pallet with 5 bags of cement onto one of his big toes, and Daniel got sick with a deathly cough that we thought might kill him even as they left this morning. For all of their hard work and hurts and sickness we are indebted to you guys!
Thank you SO much. And we hope you get home safe tonight.

Well that wraps up our major events. Now that you are up to date I can rest in peace.
Again...we will have pictures of the wedding up soon and of the house with our newly built fence!

August 01, 2007

A Message

If you can start the day without caffeine;
If you can get going without pep pills;
If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains;
If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles;
If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it;
If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time;
If you can forgive a friend's lack of consideration;
If you can overlook it when those you love take it out on you when,
through no fault of your own, something goes wrong;
If you can take criticism and blame without resentment;
If you can ignore a friend's limited education and never correct him;
If you can resist treating a rich friend better than a poor friend;
If you can face the world without lies and deceit;
If you can conquer tension without medical help;
If you can relax without liquor;
If you can sleep without the aid of drugs;
If you can honestly say that deep in your heart you have no prejudice
against creed or color, religion or politics; then, my friend, you are
almost as good as your dog.

A little insight that I found on the web that helps us see some perspective
from a dog's point of view.

July 22, 2007

Sundays and Birthdays

Today is Amy's Birthday!!!
And we have had a wonderful Sunday for celebration. We went to have lunch at one of our favorite places to eat...Which Wich. If any of you do now know what that is...please do yourself a favor, go to their website, find one near you, and simply enjoy! Then we went to the theater and caught a matinée showing of License To Wed.

Last night we had our big celebration though. Amy had her pic of a place to eat for dinner and so her pick was Saffire in Franklin. So I had made resevations for 9 people earlier in the week and here's the result.

So dinner was awesome for all of us. However there was not a picture taken at the dinner table with Josh or Wendy. Didn't mean to leave them out. But everyone had come to our house afterward for desert and games! Here is what ensued.

Sequence is our new favorite game to play with anyone and everyone. So of course we busted it out and let the games begin. By the look of the picture and seeing all of the tokens one might think it is some kind of gambling or casino game...but it is not...I assure you. However it is a wicked awesome game to play with groups.

Then we had some desert! Amy had had this chocolate sort of layer cake from Carrabba's on Friday at work and decided that she wanted more. So before we came home we had called in an order, picked it up curb-side, then met everyone back at the house. After a round of Sequence we all shot to the kitchen for the sweets awaiting.

And then it was back to the game!
Don't remember what time we had finally finished playing a few rounds but everyone was pretty tired. So then everyone was out...but Josh.
So it was a great night!

Today after the movie we came home to relax till we had to be at church this evening. It was a great service and afterward we went to dinner with a whole new set of people. I forgot to take pictures to post on here from tonight so you'll have to imagine Amy eating a chicken taco salad...Ha!

So now we are home and reading to each other Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Please no one ruin it for us...we are reading it out loud to each other so that neither one of us knows how it ends before the other. Yea...we're that serious about this.

July 11, 2007

Uptown Girl

So today Amy and Olivia came out to have lunch with me at work. We have a wicked good time. Again we work out in the country so our lunch options, if one doesn't bring food from home, are very limited. Limited to 3 places...Puckett's (greasy country cookin'), Backyard Cafe (overpriced sandwiches...I do like the owner Laura though...she is cool), and a gas station that makes sandwiches (with mysterious people making your sandwich). So when Amy comes out it is a treat since it is not my normal tuna salad, pizza, or whatever I bring to work that day.
And they brought me Chick-fil-a!!! oh man was it good.

And Olivia was really cute today. Here are some of the conversation bits from this afternoon... Remember this is a 2 and a half year old.

I had never seen Amy do this but she was putting BBQ sauce and ranch on her sandwich.

Me: Amy, you're really doing that?
Amy: Yea it's good.
Me: You're weird
Amy: (makes a whatever facial expression at me)
Olivia: Amy is not weird! (faces Amy) You're not weird Amy.

Olivia has eaten a few pieces of nuggets and fruit and is down from her chair. Yet Amy says she needs to eat more .
Amy: Olivia, come eat some more chicken
Olivia: No thanks, I don't want anymore.
Amy: So are you done?
Olivia: Yea I'm gonna dance now. (proceeds to run around and throw her arms about)
Olivia: Look at me go!

Chick-fil-a gives a book with their children's meals. So Amy gives the book to her after she takes a dancing break.
Amy: Here read your book to Isaac.
Olivia: Isaac check out my new book. Isn't it cool?!
Isaac: Yea it's really cool.

As she is showing me her book.
Olivia: Can you find the dragon?
Isaac: (whispering) Oh geez...there's a dragon in there?
Olivia: (whispering) Yea...are you scared?

These may not seem too funny to everyone. I guess you just had to be there. To me the fact that she is talking so much is really incredible.

June 24, 2007

Rainy Day Woman #12 &35

This was a particularly good Saturday. Not that anything special happened it was just a good day. We had a relaxing morning then went to run some errands. We had to return a video and since it was at Macdonald's we decided to have a little bite to eat. Then we were off to home depot ( the new homeowners favorite place to shop). We grabbed the air filters and light bulbs we had gone in after and then went to the garden center to dream about what we want our yard to look like. Next it was home to do a little yard work. So we go in to change and get some water to drink and in that ten minutes a storm has blown in. So Isaac gets out there and starts speed mowing(just wait this will become a new sport one day) and he finishes the back just as the rain starts. So then the rest of the afternoon was very relaxing we spent some time sitting on the couch with the dogs watching the rain come down which was very peaceful. So even though nothing extraordinary happened it was a very good Saturday spent with our little family.

June 22, 2007

She's Got a Way

Good company, good food and good fun....what more could you ask for on a Friday night....nothing I tell you nothing. The company: Jason and Amy Davis, Mandy Moltz, Matt Thomas, and Isaac and myself of course there is no party without us. The food: SATCO san antonio taco company....yummy yummy in our tummies ( I have been hanging out with kids too much) . The fun: hanging out at centennial park and taking crazy pictures then off to starbucks to cool down with some summertime drinks.