July 22, 2007

Sundays and Birthdays

Today is Amy's Birthday!!!
And we have had a wonderful Sunday for celebration. We went to have lunch at one of our favorite places to eat...Which Wich. If any of you do now know what that is...please do yourself a favor, go to their website, find one near you, and simply enjoy! Then we went to the theater and caught a matinée showing of License To Wed.

Last night we had our big celebration though. Amy had her pic of a place to eat for dinner and so her pick was Saffire in Franklin. So I had made resevations for 9 people earlier in the week and here's the result.

So dinner was awesome for all of us. However there was not a picture taken at the dinner table with Josh or Wendy. Didn't mean to leave them out. But everyone had come to our house afterward for desert and games! Here is what ensued.

Sequence is our new favorite game to play with anyone and everyone. So of course we busted it out and let the games begin. By the look of the picture and seeing all of the tokens one might think it is some kind of gambling or casino game...but it is not...I assure you. However it is a wicked awesome game to play with groups.

Then we had some desert! Amy had had this chocolate sort of layer cake from Carrabba's on Friday at work and decided that she wanted more. So before we came home we had called in an order, picked it up curb-side, then met everyone back at the house. After a round of Sequence we all shot to the kitchen for the sweets awaiting.

And then it was back to the game!
Don't remember what time we had finally finished playing a few rounds but everyone was pretty tired. So then everyone was out...but Josh.
So it was a great night!

Today after the movie we came home to relax till we had to be at church this evening. It was a great service and afterward we went to dinner with a whole new set of people. I forgot to take pictures to post on here from tonight so you'll have to imagine Amy eating a chicken taco salad...Ha!

So now we are home and reading to each other Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Please no one ruin it for us...we are reading it out loud to each other so that neither one of us knows how it ends before the other. Yea...we're that serious about this.

July 11, 2007

Uptown Girl

So today Amy and Olivia came out to have lunch with me at work. We have a wicked good time. Again we work out in the country so our lunch options, if one doesn't bring food from home, are very limited. Limited to 3 places...Puckett's (greasy country cookin'), Backyard Cafe (overpriced sandwiches...I do like the owner Laura though...she is cool), and a gas station that makes sandwiches (with mysterious people making your sandwich). So when Amy comes out it is a treat since it is not my normal tuna salad, pizza, or whatever I bring to work that day.
And they brought me Chick-fil-a!!! oh man was it good.

And Olivia was really cute today. Here are some of the conversation bits from this afternoon... Remember this is a 2 and a half year old.

I had never seen Amy do this but she was putting BBQ sauce and ranch on her sandwich.

Me: Amy, you're really doing that?
Amy: Yea it's good.
Me: You're weird
Amy: (makes a whatever facial expression at me)
Olivia: Amy is not weird! (faces Amy) You're not weird Amy.

Olivia has eaten a few pieces of nuggets and fruit and is down from her chair. Yet Amy says she needs to eat more .
Amy: Olivia, come eat some more chicken
Olivia: No thanks, I don't want anymore.
Amy: So are you done?
Olivia: Yea I'm gonna dance now. (proceeds to run around and throw her arms about)
Olivia: Look at me go!

Chick-fil-a gives a book with their children's meals. So Amy gives the book to her after she takes a dancing break.
Amy: Here read your book to Isaac.
Olivia: Isaac check out my new book. Isn't it cool?!
Isaac: Yea it's really cool.

As she is showing me her book.
Olivia: Can you find the dragon?
Isaac: (whispering) Oh geez...there's a dragon in there?
Olivia: (whispering) Yea...are you scared?

These may not seem too funny to everyone. I guess you just had to be there. To me the fact that she is talking so much is really incredible.