April 28, 2010

Swing Swing

Isabella is really enjoying her time in the swing. And if it is a good night we can put her in there for quite awhile and she is very content. As is the case with this video.

We put her in there while we prepare dinner or clean up afterward and we usually have some music on. I think she really liked these tunes this night.

She has been more active in the swing, but this is what we captured for now.
My favorite part is the 24 second mark.

April 25, 2010

Out at the Park

Ultimate Frisbee season has started yet again and therefore every other Sunday morning we go to the park to play in the sun. After some crazy storms yesterday, today was beautiful and it was a blast hanging out at the park. Amy played but I did not because I was nursing a bit of a headache and I knew running around would not help me.

Here's a close up I snapped of Isabella in her new sun hat.

Here is a pic of everyone out on the field. Just a glimpse of what today held, weather-wise.

My headache went away after lunch and when we got home I took advantage of the awesome weather and mowed the yard and pulled some weeds. It was a great Sunday!

April 22, 2010

Belle of the Boulevard

Last Saturday we had beautiful day and got out to do some yard work. We were finishing up as Isabella woke from her nap so we brought her outside to join us. Then we grabbed the camera and here are the pics...

April 21, 2010

Baby Food Monster

This is what she does when she loves the food. Some of the viewers of the last blog thought she was just full from the Peas video...but what we didn't show were the load of sweet potatoes she devoured after the camera stopped rolling. Much like these green beans.

April 16, 2010

Patron Saint

I work in the security/alarm business and we just had an update on the 1st quarter of 2010. One thing that was covered was the discussion of being very selective in the choice of new commercial installs because of the way the economy is still unstable.

All of that to say, the company has looked at trends of accounts that default or are very slow/late payers. If I were to ask anyone on the AR team who are the clients that are late payers, bad clients, or clients not willing to cooperate …they would all say day cares and CHURCHES!
I was shocked to find this out.
I know not all churches would be or are bad clients…but it only takes one bad apple to ruin the whole basket , right? How disheartening.

Now there are running jokes about churches not being good payers. “We should go to these churches and during the passing of the plate take our pay and leave the invoice.”

I know I have had my rants on how some churches and Christians dig a hole for the rest of us climb out of and I don’t want to be negative all of the time. But the bad always out runs the good that churches and Christians do and this is yet another example.

Maybe I should get this list and try to speak to the leaders of these churches about our responsibilities of patrons and how we should be setting the example as Christians.

April 08, 2010

First Peas

We were fortunate enough to get a handheld video camera to shoot the little moments that we knew our family would love to see. So we figured we'd shoot most of her 'firsts'

This video is of Isabella trying peas for the first time.
And she likes them as much as her daddy does, not at all, but it takes a little while for that to sink in.

I tried using the video upload on here but b/c our handheld camera records in HD it was taking forever to upload. So i started a YouTube account, since it is google linked it easy to have that setup, and you can subscribe to our account and watch any videos we upload.