August 06, 2013

The Little Imitator

Tonight, something that lives in our house and is a constant thorn in my side, went into IzzyB's room and for no apparent reason starts to urinate on the carpet.  IzzyB of course is completely distraught being that she is in her big girl room now and has now been defiled by a four legged animal she considers a friend.  She cannot stop talking about what Bugsy just did and while AB and I clean it up we are hearing all about it and she does thank us for cleaning it all up.

As we finish the clean up and start walking back into the kitchen we hear her say "Bugsy, I am really disappointed that you went and peed in my room.  Really disappointed."

Can you guess where she's heard that before?
AB and I were laughing in the kitchen

Run Riot Illusion

Isn't it so frustrating when you want your kids to really listen and comprehend something yet it seems like you are talking to a foreigner who just nods in agreement just to be polite.  And so it seems pointless to go over something again and again when you know that they are probably not getting it at all, but we try because we want then to understand.  Yet sure enough 10 minutes later they do whatever it was that constituted your entire conversation in the first place.  

This is usually the scenario when you are trying to be constructive and have a teaching moment with your kid and it usually ends in shattered expectations moments later.

However there are glimpses of hope.

Sometimes, and these moments are very rare, your child spits out a nugget of wisdom that you poured into them who knows when and it makes you believe that deep down they do listen (still, only sometimes).  

Thank God for those glimpses of hope.  They are true treasures.  

Can I get an "Amen?"  

*AB reminds me daily that we truly have a good little girl and for that I am also very thankful