October 25, 2007

You Really Got Me

So I discovered a band last night! I thought…sweet a new band, I wonder how many people know about them. I was listening to The Darjeeling Express movie soundtrack and since I have always thought Wes Anderson picked great songs for his movies I take his recommendations to heart. The album is 3/4th all composed music. But there were 3 tracks by this band and I thought the songs were awesome!
So then I went over and searched for them in the CD’s…turns out they have tons of albums…I didn’t know which album to start off with. If I had endless amounts of disposable income I would have bought all of them, but since I don’t I could only get one and I had no clue which CD to start off with. So as smart as I am, I went back…grabbed the soundtrack…and looked for those 3 songs on the backs of the individual CD’s.

They were all on 1 CD!!! Holy Guacamole Batman!

Who is this band you may be asking?

…The Kinks!
I came home and researched them…they started their career in the 1963!?!?!!?!?!
The Kinks are even categorized as a British Invasion band, along with The Beatles (which I love), the Rolling Stones (I don’t care too much for), and The Who (great band).

So apparently I am not best music lover that I even considered myself if I had not heard of the Kinks while I knew of the other big 4 British invasion bands.
I do know their You Really Got Me song though…but I never knew who actually sang it.
(so that song title is very much appropriate as the title of this blog post)

So I retract the excitement I had on the ride home and replaced that feeling for complete stubbornness when I read on Wikipedia about The Kinks. I’m such a bum…I’m going to go discover The Ramones now.

October 24, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

So tonight has started the World Series. So I am here in the back bedroom watching it because when I got home from having dinner with a good friends Amy was watching Private Practice...blah

And since the series is being broad casted by Fox, fortunately that is the only channel that comes in on this TV that operates on the rabbit ears. Well Nashville Public Television is also visible with the rabbit ears...and they do have good shows on there but I always forget about that channel.

Well as I am up watching this game 1, realizing that it is already 10:25, and I should be in bed. The 7th inning stretch comes around...finally(the BoSox are already up 13 to 1), the singer/actress Ashanti gets out on the field to sing God Bless America as is tradition at baseball games. Well it got me thinking...when are they going to protest that song being sung at baseball games? have they already protested it? As much of a baseball fan, I don't know if that has been protested. But I love that they still do it b/c it is a tradition of baseball that needs to remain to keep the sport truly "American"

OK well i am going to bed without watching the end of the game. If i wake up and see tht the Rockies made a rally to beat the Red Sox, I will do something completely irrational tomorrow...like not go to work.

hmmmm...should I root for the Rockies now?

Hope everyone had a good hump day!

October 18, 2007

Mexican Wine

I was in the breakroom this morning getting my 2nd cup 'o' joe when another older gentleman comes in to brew from decaf coffee. (He can't hanlde to real stuff apparently)

First thing he says..."has anyone ever told you that you look like the Dog Whiserer?"
Me: Really?
Him: Yea, who know who I am talking about, right?
Me: yea! I am a huge fan of Ceaser Millan.
Him: Yea, the first day i saw you from a distance, i thought the dog whisperer was in the office.

So then we had a small talk about dogs and Ceaser's methods. Needless to say i am a really big fan of Ceaser and if people think i look like him, that's cool

Maybe i should work on my accent and go around trying to get paid for some advice i learned from the 'real' Ceaser.

new name: Isaac 'Ceaser' Llanes

it's has a nice ring to it...haha

October 16, 2007

Chase This Light

Jimmy Eat World's new album dropped today.
And guess who already has a copy...?

the guy sitting next to me.

and myself! oh yes.
*btw the guy next to me doesn't have a copy. also there is no guy next to me.

So you know when you are driving down the road and you come to a traffic light you have the urge to look around at the drivers around you. Then you see the one guy in a nice shirt or business suit scarfing down a sandwich or a burger while they are waiting at the light. Then you think..."good gosh, eat when you are not driving", "get a life", and/or "that guys is disgusting."
Yea...that guy.

I have turned into said 'guy'

I realized it as I made my sandwich in the breakroom today grabbed my diet coke and bag of chips and headed to my car. As I was shoving my sandwich into my mouth at a traffic light I thought...'really?' And yes really...
But I now have a copy of the new JEW album because i made time to go to Borders on my lunch hour!


October 09, 2007

I'm So Tired

Its Tuesday and I wish it were Friday. Hope i'm not the only one that feels this way.

Quick updates! THIS JUST IN!
-Isaac is really enjoying his new job! His boss is awesome, co-workers are cool (the ones he has met, so far), and new hours. *Where the tiredness comes in* Used to have to be at work at 9 and now at 7:30 Yikes! Big change and for some reason I still can't seem to get to bed early.

-Rupert dog got fixed on Friday morning. Yes he was broken, his tail would not wag. But no worries! ...oh and he also cannot go make illegitimate pups with some floozy female dog. Also good news. He was pretty sore until Sunday evening when he threw up some mysterious fluids and pepped up right away. Well at least he's back to normal...but that also came at the expense of some living room carpet.

-Friday night Amy's mom came for a visit and we all had a swell time. We really didn't do too much but it was a great relaxing weekend. And we went out Sat. night and she bought us dinner in celebration on my new job. Oh yes...it was a smörgåsbord and we actually just ate the leftovers last night for dinner.

-Speaking of last night...the Cowboys game! I had about 5 heart attacks. Yes, for each one of Romo's interceptions. Dang that kid, what in the world got into his head? Anyway...even though he had a bad game they still came out with a W. and that's what matters in the end.

-And the Red Sox swept the Angels. Almost unfair since the Angels were banged up going into the ALDS. Oh well...and since the Indians beat the Yankees last night *YES* now it's on to the ALCS vs. Cleveland. I saw Manny's home run on Friday night and it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Here's an awesome picture.-Also on the sidebar over there...Amy is done reading that book. She just hasn't started a new one so I haven't been able to change what she is reading but it is the last book she read. And on the other hand..I am still reading th Godfather ...and Made to Stick, and Every Man's Battle, and Praise Habit. I start to many books without finishing. I also just got another 2 books that I want to read...but I'm trying to finish 2 others first.

- So "I'm Reed Fish" wasn't the last movie we saw but it is the last one we saw that we both liked...hence why it is still up. But I do want to go rent "Reign Over Me" which was released today on DVD. Oh and "Across the Universe" I heard it is really good too...but that's only showing in 1 theater in the area and it's in the city. Date night on Friday? I think so!
...Is it Friday yet...this blog is getting long.

i'm tired