October 24, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

So tonight has started the World Series. So I am here in the back bedroom watching it because when I got home from having dinner with a good friends Amy was watching Private Practice...blah

And since the series is being broad casted by Fox, fortunately that is the only channel that comes in on this TV that operates on the rabbit ears. Well Nashville Public Television is also visible with the rabbit ears...and they do have good shows on there but I always forget about that channel.

Well as I am up watching this game 1, realizing that it is already 10:25, and I should be in bed. The 7th inning stretch comes around...finally(the BoSox are already up 13 to 1), the singer/actress Ashanti gets out on the field to sing God Bless America as is tradition at baseball games. Well it got me thinking...when are they going to protest that song being sung at baseball games? have they already protested it? As much of a baseball fan, I don't know if that has been protested. But I love that they still do it b/c it is a tradition of baseball that needs to remain to keep the sport truly "American"

OK well i am going to bed without watching the end of the game. If i wake up and see tht the Rockies made a rally to beat the Red Sox, I will do something completely irrational tomorrow...like not go to work.

hmmmm...should I root for the Rockies now?

Hope everyone had a good hump day!
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