June 09, 2010

The Most Beautiful Girl

Amy snapped this gem of a photo while I was at work last week.
A beautiful shot of a very beautiful girl.

(Maybe I should start collecting guns, knives, or some type of intimidating weapon)

Photos from Houston

Here are some random picks of some time with my family in the Houston area over memorial day.


While Amy was in Texas with Isabella they were spending time with all the grand parents. The last stop was with my family and I joined them a few days later for the long Memorial Day weekend. On Thursday afternoon, I am at work and get a text with a picture of Isabella with something in her hand that she is putting in her mouth.

This is video of it as it happened and they sent me the text during it too.

These kinds of weird things happen with grandparents grew up in another country. Things are just different and it's something that is common in Mexico. Don't worry, if you get weirded out by it, I did too, at first.

I turned out OK under my mom's care, guess there's some reason to her rhymes.

1st Party Invite

Our little Isabella received her first ever birthday party invite for her little friend Salem. We received it in early May even though Isabella would not be able to attend because she would be in Texas with her mom visiting the g-rents. But I wanted to post the pics of her with the invite. First thing she did was put it in her mouth, typical baby.