June 29, 2012

Energy Drinks

Last week AB and IzzyB were in Texas and then I drove down by myself to be there a few days then we were all going to drive back together.  We were excited and happy to be in Texas again but not either of those emotions for the actual drive.  And I had to make a one way trip all by myself and that meant relying on something I never have before...energy drinks.

I left from work in Nashville on Thursday at 3:45pm and arrived in Stephenville Friday morning at 5:10am.  GoogleMaps says you can make that trip in 12 hours and 27 minutes so what took up the almost extra hour in my trip...stopping to get gas and energy drinks.  Oh and one quick stop at a Taco Bueno to throw down a chicken crunchy potato burrito.  And I only stopped there because 1) it's a Taco Bueno which we do not have in TN and 2) it was next to a gas station where I got an energy drink.

I believe the total was 4 Red Bulls, 1 5-Hour Energy, and 1 Starbucks Doubleshot-Energy Coffee flavored drink.  I'm not sure if that is in the "Woah, are you crazy?!?" category or the "That's all you had?!?" category because I just do not ever drink energy drinks.

Being that I had a long overnight drive I figured I'd play it safe and drink them and not get tired rather than get tired and have to stop to sleep/rest.  Overall they seemed to have worked!  Until I got about 30 miles outside of Stephenville which at this point my eyelids were getting extra heavy and I was gripping the steering wheel like it was trying to runaway.

I made it to my father-in-law's housewhere I kicked my shoes off, got in bed, closed my eyes, and felt my entire body trembling from all the junk I had drank!  My mind was so tired but my body was still alive and kicking ready to keep going.  Is that even possible?
That's when I knew that I was in the "Woah, are you crazy?!?" category for my body intake of energy drinks.
I don't know how but my brain finally won and I fell asleep for a few hours.

On our return trip to Tennessee I did not drink any energy drinks.

June 13, 2012

Life Normalization (sort of)

Life in the Llanes house is back to a normal state.
Is life ever really normal though?

IzzyB is back to walking but more than just walking now, she is running, hopping, dancing, and making me tired from it all as I got used to not having to chase her around.

It is kind of crazy how she was the one that had a broken leg and was immobile for awhile, yet I was the one who grew lethargic and put on some weight.  Two nights ago we were playing chase in the house and I had to stop because my breathing was getting way to heavy, I am quite embarrassed to type that out actually, but I also love eating and not moving.

So I am looking forward to getting back to more active play time with IzzyB, for both quality time and my heart.

* that "(sort of)" in the post title was referring to me health, or lack thereof.