June 13, 2012

Life Normalization (sort of)

Life in the Llanes house is back to a normal state.
Is life ever really normal though?

IzzyB is back to walking but more than just walking now, she is running, hopping, dancing, and making me tired from it all as I got used to not having to chase her around.

It is kind of crazy how she was the one that had a broken leg and was immobile for awhile, yet I was the one who grew lethargic and put on some weight.  Two nights ago we were playing chase in the house and I had to stop because my breathing was getting way to heavy, I am quite embarrassed to type that out actually, but I also love eating and not moving.

So I am looking forward to getting back to more active play time with IzzyB, for both quality time and my heart.

* that "(sort of)" in the post title was referring to me health, or lack thereof.
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