May 14, 2012

Update on IzzyB

So we are 23 days from when IzzyB suffered her broken leg.  It seems surreal that it has been that long now actually.  I wanted to give everyone an update since not everyone who knows us sees her every week like our local friends.

Our one week follow-up (April 30th) was back at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and we met IzzyB's new orthopedic pediatrician since we had only seen the ER ortho pediatrician.  She was a very nice gal who was very through and answered all of my questions concerning IzzyB's leg.  The x-ray still looked great and straight and it was just a waiting game until we could take the cast off. Until then they were going to wrap her current cast to re-enforce it and follow up in two weeks to see the progress.  She chose a purple cast by the way.

Then came last week.  IzzyB peaked at a temperature of 104 degress on Monday.  We were able to manage it but she woke up Tuesday with a fever again, just not as severe, so Amy took her to see our regular pediatrician.  After ruling a few things out, like strep throat, the doctor took a blood sample and found her white blood cell count to be really high.  The doctor having ruled out most everything thought that her leg might be fighting off an infection so he directed us to go see the orthopedic doctor since they could make the call on removing the cast or not.  Needless to say AB is freaking out so she calls me and freaks me out!

We make the appointment that same day and I am able to meet up with them where the doctor says her leg should be fine and they can take the cast off to look at it and examine it by x-ray again.  As the cast is being cut off I am so nervous as I hold IzzyB, who is holding it together pretty well, then we see that her leg looks fine.  No swelling and no bruising.  The ortho doctor was right and after examing the x-rays it was even more confirmation.

IzzyB's bone had already healed itself in 16 days!

The doctor said she was just going to put her in a boot for a week and that she could even walk on it whenever she felt comfortable.  Tomorrow will be a week and we can take off that boot.  IzzyB has not liked trying to walk in that boot at all so we'll see how she feels once it is off.

As for the high fever, we could not nail it down to any specific and it has of course gone away with no other symptoms.

As much craziness that we have gone through the last 3 weeks, we are ready to get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle.  Thank God for great doctors and fast healing bones!
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