July 26, 2008

Time Alone

Well Amy has gone on a beach trip with 4 friends for a birthday weekend get away. There were no fellas allowed, so us husbands were left at home to fend for ourselves...and watch the dogs.

So needless to say, I have watched a lot of TV and movies. ha! I had ordered 2 documentaries that I had heard were good for this weekend so that I would not bore Amy with them since she'd be gone.
After dinner and hang out time with the guys last night I figured I would stay up and watch one since the dogs had been in their crates most of the day. It was only 10pm anyway. First on the list was King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.I had first heard of this movie from a blogger whom I respect as a movie/film critic, his blog is called The Search. A good mid-western fellow who went and got his master's at UCLA film school and he writes a lot of movie reviews for a few magazines ad websites. So I have come to respect his reviews and really try to watch his recommendations of certain films.

And King of Kong was no exception. What a great film that I didn't know what exactly to expect from. I found myself last night cheering for one of the guys in the movie...the film does a great job of pulling you in, even when you have no desire about video game high scores. I actually stood up and applauded at the end of this film, I was in an empty house watching this alone, I don't applaud any films...ever. EVER. **i'm sure the dogs thought i had lost it without Amy here
I won't go into into detail about the movie so that it leaves some mystery for you go to see it yourself...but I recommend it so much and I will probably watch it again tonight. (and try not to applaud once it ends again)

Then I watched Danielson:A Family Movie and I thought this one was quite different. The film focuses on a Daniel Smith who was raised in a Christian home and when grown up and finds his own faith in God then creates music and his siblings are all in the band with him. He even does his thesis on the music with his family. I think the reason I say this film was different was because of the music that they made. Not at all your typical music of choice. Now I know I have interesting musical tastes and likings...but they are not this weird and obscure. At least not from my own personal point of view. (someone enlighten me if I am way out there)
My favorite part of the film was watching a young Sufjan Stevens in it and see where he developed musically from the influences of Danielson and this band made up of family. Sufjan came in and played different parts with the family when they went on tour with the youngest brother staying at home b/c of school obligations. And Sufjan Stevens actually records his music in Danielson's studio. So by far the highlight of the film was seeing Sufjan and it chronicled his success to releasing his Illinoise album.

OK, I will leave you all with that for now. I'm not a good reviewer at all so i hope you come back to read the blog and any poor attempts of my trying to review a film or music...or a book for that matter.

Oh! have you all seen the Sour Patch Kids commercials? They are funny, yet creepy. Watch these...

July 23, 2008

Run Around

This what happens when you run around a recently mowed, wet, and muddy

Who's next?

July 22, 2008

Pics of Amy - 2nd Round

This is THE only picture that we took when we went to South Padre Island.
Oh other than the fireworks pic from a few posts ago.

Every Thursday Amy and Olivia come to Franklin and pick me up to go eat lunch somewhere...it is honestly one of my favorite days of the week. Because 1) I get to see Amy and Olivia and 2) I won't be eating a sandwich that day...ha!

We went to our favorite hotspot *Moe's* this day and for some reason I was being extra funny so I pulled out the phone and snapped these...and they are too good to not share.

Hope everyone enjoys their Hump day tomorrow!
Yay for the middle of the week.


Today is Amy's birthday!!!

I meant to grab some pics that I had taken of Amy and Olivia to post today but alas, I am forgetful. But I did just receive this picture, via email, from Lindsay (Olivia's mom) so I can post a picture! Looks like Lindsay took the girls for a birthday manicure.

***If you want to give Amy a call - drop me an email (isaacllanes at gmail dot com) and i'll email you her phone number.

July 18, 2008

No Sign of Life

...is what this blog has been experiencing lately. Sorry folks.

I keep trying to get Amy to actually post an entry...she is just not an internet person. If you have ever emailed her you know not to expect a reply any time soon. What's funny is that our small group will email me and say "Isaac, tell Amy this..."
It will be an email concerning something like a girls night out and I have to relay the message or details to Amy. ha!

But no more!
I am happy to announce that Amy has graduated into receiving and sending mobile email! (and much more for that matter)

Amy came up with the idea a few weeks ago that if I was eligibile to get the iPhone 3G for the subsidized price that I could get one and then she could take my original iPhone that I got last year. So I started my research...and low and behold...anyone who had bought an iPhone before July 11th was eligible for the subsidized pricing! Well July 11th came and the AT&T stores sold out in a matter of hours but they also had people camped out over night. I am not that guy...I was willing to wait a few weeks. I did find out that the Mac store in Nashville has stock left for Saturday morning so we slept in and got up to get there around 11:30 and there was a long line.

So I said "forget it, i'm not waiting" and we ventured to get some lunch at 5 Guys. **some of the best burgers** After some debating at lunch Amy suggested that we wait and I wanted to...but I was afraid of waiting for 2 hours then them running out of stock right as I get to the front door. Turns out we went back and waited for 3 hours and there was still stock by the end of the day. Well we got me all activated and i had already gotten a new SIMcard for Amy's line and we went home to activate her line on the original iPhone.

So now we both have iPhones. :)
It was a blast teaching Amy how to use all of the features and watching the iPhone tutorial from Apple.com with her as she learned more.

So needless to say...Amy will receive all her emails soon after you send them to her. ***Thanks to Gmail's IMAP capabilities*** And she has already been replying to certain emails with ease.

July 10, 2008

Eat Vegetarian

...but watch out for those pesticides! ***BTW we are not vegetarians

But check out this headline...

Pesticide Stew Leaves Family Hallucinating
Six People Sick and Hospitalized After Eating Pesticide-Laden Stew. How Did It Happen?

Oh man...i bet that was quite the experience for the people not eating the stew since where "those who got sick acted as though they were high on marijuana."

You can read the article here.

July 04, 2008


We came out to dinner at 6 and the fireworks* did not start until
9:15...we are dedicated.

*EDITOR NOTE: I corrected the word 'fireworks' from my originial mobile post. Dang iPhone keeps spelling words for me and I don't need it to correct certain words or abbreviations.

July 02, 2008

She Must and Shall Go Free

this blog is dedicated to the one...
the only...

Wendy D'Lyn Stivers

All of this is for leaving her out of the posts about our trip to Maryland and D.C. I have to mention that our time in Maryland was fun for us because Wendy flew in on Fri. morning and stayed with us until we all flew out on Sun. morning.

For those of you who do not know of Wendy...let me tell you about her...

We met Wendy when she first started working at interlinc with me a few years ago now. We eventually became friends through working at the same place and through our same frustations with people and the jobs we held...Amy was also temping there when Wendy started working but stopped soon thereafter.

I have to mention that our lives have been enriched for knowing Wendy.

When you think of a person who puts their friends before their own needs...Wendy is a prime example. Even when we moved further south to Spring Hill she would come visit us all the time even when other people said it was too far to drivefrom Nashville. She has since also dog sat for us when we had a random trip out of town. Bugsy and Rupert love their aunt Wendy! She also was a good friend to Olivia, when Olivia was asked by her mom who she wanted to invite to her birthday party first 3 people she mentioned were...Amy, Isaac, Wendy...awesome coming from a 3yr. old. Wendy loves life and loves to laugh at all that it entails. There is never a dull moment when she is around and you can't but laugh and love her.

Unfortunately, last November Wendy revealed that she was going to move back to Pittsburgh to be closer to family. So came the beginning of the year and Wendy moved back to PA. It was hard to see her go, but it was what she had to do, and for that it was all understandable.
So this trip was the first time that we were able to see Wendy since she had left TN.
And we loved it!

Thank you, Wendy, for showing us what a true friend is, for enriching our lives, and for the life long friend that we will never ever forget. Even though you do not live in the same area any more, you are thought of and prayed for often.

July 01, 2008

Southern Belle

This picture is a few weeks old but I just found it going through some emails so here it is for all to see. Amy and the girls, Annie and Olivia, eating breakfast at the Pancake Pantry.