July 18, 2008

No Sign of Life

...is what this blog has been experiencing lately. Sorry folks.

I keep trying to get Amy to actually post an entry...she is just not an internet person. If you have ever emailed her you know not to expect a reply any time soon. What's funny is that our small group will email me and say "Isaac, tell Amy this..."
It will be an email concerning something like a girls night out and I have to relay the message or details to Amy. ha!

But no more!
I am happy to announce that Amy has graduated into receiving and sending mobile email! (and much more for that matter)

Amy came up with the idea a few weeks ago that if I was eligibile to get the iPhone 3G for the subsidized price that I could get one and then she could take my original iPhone that I got last year. So I started my research...and low and behold...anyone who had bought an iPhone before July 11th was eligible for the subsidized pricing! Well July 11th came and the AT&T stores sold out in a matter of hours but they also had people camped out over night. I am not that guy...I was willing to wait a few weeks. I did find out that the Mac store in Nashville has stock left for Saturday morning so we slept in and got up to get there around 11:30 and there was a long line.

So I said "forget it, i'm not waiting" and we ventured to get some lunch at 5 Guys. **some of the best burgers** After some debating at lunch Amy suggested that we wait and I wanted to...but I was afraid of waiting for 2 hours then them running out of stock right as I get to the front door. Turns out we went back and waited for 3 hours and there was still stock by the end of the day. Well we got me all activated and i had already gotten a new SIMcard for Amy's line and we went home to activate her line on the original iPhone.

So now we both have iPhones. :)
It was a blast teaching Amy how to use all of the features and watching the iPhone tutorial from Apple.com with her as she learned more.

So needless to say...Amy will receive all her emails soon after you send them to her. ***Thanks to Gmail's IMAP capabilities*** And she has already been replying to certain emails with ease.
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