July 26, 2008

Time Alone

Well Amy has gone on a beach trip with 4 friends for a birthday weekend get away. There were no fellas allowed, so us husbands were left at home to fend for ourselves...and watch the dogs.

So needless to say, I have watched a lot of TV and movies. ha! I had ordered 2 documentaries that I had heard were good for this weekend so that I would not bore Amy with them since she'd be gone.
After dinner and hang out time with the guys last night I figured I would stay up and watch one since the dogs had been in their crates most of the day. It was only 10pm anyway. First on the list was King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.I had first heard of this movie from a blogger whom I respect as a movie/film critic, his blog is called The Search. A good mid-western fellow who went and got his master's at UCLA film school and he writes a lot of movie reviews for a few magazines ad websites. So I have come to respect his reviews and really try to watch his recommendations of certain films.

And King of Kong was no exception. What a great film that I didn't know what exactly to expect from. I found myself last night cheering for one of the guys in the movie...the film does a great job of pulling you in, even when you have no desire about video game high scores. I actually stood up and applauded at the end of this film, I was in an empty house watching this alone, I don't applaud any films...ever. EVER. **i'm sure the dogs thought i had lost it without Amy here
I won't go into into detail about the movie so that it leaves some mystery for you go to see it yourself...but I recommend it so much and I will probably watch it again tonight. (and try not to applaud once it ends again)

Then I watched Danielson:A Family Movie and I thought this one was quite different. The film focuses on a Daniel Smith who was raised in a Christian home and when grown up and finds his own faith in God then creates music and his siblings are all in the band with him. He even does his thesis on the music with his family. I think the reason I say this film was different was because of the music that they made. Not at all your typical music of choice. Now I know I have interesting musical tastes and likings...but they are not this weird and obscure. At least not from my own personal point of view. (someone enlighten me if I am way out there)
My favorite part of the film was watching a young Sufjan Stevens in it and see where he developed musically from the influences of Danielson and this band made up of family. Sufjan came in and played different parts with the family when they went on tour with the youngest brother staying at home b/c of school obligations. And Sufjan Stevens actually records his music in Danielson's studio. So by far the highlight of the film was seeing Sufjan and it chronicled his success to releasing his Illinoise album.

OK, I will leave you all with that for now. I'm not a good reviewer at all so i hope you come back to read the blog and any poor attempts of my trying to review a film or music...or a book for that matter.

Oh! have you all seen the Sour Patch Kids commercials? They are funny, yet creepy. Watch these...

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