April 28, 2008

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Weekend update:

Friday night we went to bed around 9pm to be up by illegal hour of 4am. Why? B/c we're silly enough to volunteer at the Country Music Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. We had to be in downtown Nashville on site by 5:15 am.

To top it all off it was raining till right fter the race started at 7am. It was wet, cold, and quite miserable. Then, behold, someone found a starbucks 2 blocks away in the doubletree hotel lobby! So we warmed up until the sun finally decided to come out and dry everything and warm us back up.

We left around noon and Amy had to work the rest of the day until Sunday afternoon, so she went to the Jacobs' house to nap before picking up the girls and I went home to fall asleep to the draft. ahh yes.

Car trouble:
So i had to miss work on thursdy b/c my car decided it needed more coolant. I know, I shouldn't have deprived it and that is how it repaid me. Go I went to add the coolant mixture and then i saw the car spilling the new oolant ll over the garage floor. grrrrrrrrrreat. By that time it was 8:30 and i was already an hour late to work. So I drove it to the nearest auto repair place and i have a leak in one of the connections...but unfortunately there was a line of cars to repair before mine. long story short...my car was not ready till 5pm. So I spent my day home...cleaning the kitchen, mowing the yard, and pulling weeds from the flower beds. Then I went to play racquetball at our new Spring Hill Rec Center, which is brand new and amazing.
OK, I digress...back to the car...so after my nap, I called my friend Burke and i was going to go over to his house to hang but my car would not start! He came over to jump it...I let it run...go over to his house...5 hours later...had to jump my car again to come back home.
Sunday morning, my car actually starts! I run it over to AutoZone and they say i have a bad battery. But we bought it not too long ago...soooo...still under 3 year warranty...hellooooo new free battery! Now my car is running like before and we are all happy and living harmoniously again.

OK...now to bring the title of this post full circle...
After helping out at the marathon this weekend I have decided to (drum roll) to run the 1/2 marathon next year here in town. ( i know you thought i would say full marathon, but i'll pace myself...maybe the full in 2 years...?)

I called my brother Isai and he is going to prepare a running training program/schedule for me and i am going to work and find some 5k's and 10k's to run in between then. I am actually excited and am looking forward to it! I do like to run and if i keep up playing Ultimate and racquetball it'll be super cardio man.

So you have read it here...by next year April 25th, 2009 at 7am I will be starting the Country Music 1/2 marathon!

April 19, 2008

Every Little Thing

Lazy Saturdays are a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

Last night we held another Parent's Night Out for the community and we had a good turn out of kids. I'm not sure how many kiddos we had total but I know all of us working it were pretty busy all night long. I was playing a chase/tag type of game with the kids and man...they wore me out. My legs were hurting by the end of the night. Needless to say...it was a late night we got done around 10 then went out with a few of our friends afterward.

That late night led to our late morning and lazy Saturday.

So we went and caught matinee showing of Smart People and then went to eat dinner at Moe's. Since Amy was really wanting Moe's I went there again this week...I can't get tired of that place.

Anyway...the movie was really good and the soundtrack was an added bonus. The tag line for the movie is "Sometimes the smartest people have the most to learn." So the movie was about this family who are all really smart, but book smart, yet they have no clue about anything but themselves. I like how the movie portrayed that even when you think you know it all about everything, you can still learn something. I'd like to go into it some more...but I also want everyone o go see it themselves.

Funny moments today...
Toward the end of the movie Amy grabs her purse and then un rolls this huge bag of M&Ms, like one of the 1 pound bags. It was mostly gone from sometime before, but it was funny to se her pull this huge bag out. And then I saw it I said "what the ?" and she just said with a huge smile "want some M&Ms?!" Oh man...we started giggling like little school girls...then stuffed out faces till the bag was empty.

As we are driving to dinner I don't know how we got to this moment but Amy says...
"check it, double deck it"
Then I said "then I'm gonna wreck it"
Then Amy responds "on the floor buck-naked"
Oh my gosh...I was laughing so hard and I was driving...it was hazardous.
I don't know where she gets it from sometimes...but I loved it.

I hope everyone else had a great Saturday!

April 17, 2008

Big Trucks

Josh and I went to lunch today at Moe's. I had gotten up to get us some refills and when I came back Josh was leaning over in his chair looking toward the front doors. I have seen some big trucks before, but this one set a personal record in my book.

Examine the pictures...the car next to it is a VW Jetta wagon, which is not a super small car...but it looks tiny compared side by side to this monstrosity. Also notice the Ford Expedition toward the rear view of the wagon. It is in the background...but it still does not look very tall compared to the truck.
Then notice the tanks on the sides of the truck. Josh and I joked that those are the reserve gas tanks. For using when driving "further than his mailbox" as Josh noted. So apparently this guy LOVES spending money at the pumps.
I got back to the office and showed a co-worker this picture and we decided to look up the truck...all I knew is that it was a Ford. Turns out it is a Ford F-650...here is a website with crazy pics.

If you look closely, Shaq drives one of these things. And this whole time I thought Shaq drove a Mini Cooper. who knew?!

April 16, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

SO the weather has been crazy! All of last week was nice then the weekend was freezing and not the highs are back in the 70's?!?! whaaaaat?

Well, the 70's are awesome days. One of our favorite things about the moderate weather is being able to sit outside at restaurants to eat and just spending time outside. the only bad news...yard work. booooooooo

So we have started playing Ultimate Frisbee again on Sunday mornings and every Monday...i struggle to get out of bed. It hurts. what hurts? Everywhere! It's a crying shame.
And it's not muscles being sore, it justs aches all over. My self esteem took a new blow when Amy said to me "Your body is not as young as you think it is anymore." aaaagggghhhhh

Oh so in our measly attempts to be on the "green" side of things we bought some baggu bags to have on us for whenever we go shopping. That being any kind of shopping. They fold up small enough to fit in your pocket and hold up to 3 or 4 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff...this way we don't use all those plastic bags that release toxics into the earth. I found out about them from a fellow blogger. So go check them out yourself...i think they are very handy.

Well we booked all of our stuff for our trip to Maryland this summer. My good friend Rene is getting married in Annapolis at his Alma Mater, The Naval Academy. And we were talking about all the expenses we just spent and all we will spend once we get there...mainly on food. Oh and that being b/c we are going to get there early to spend some time in the area by ourselves. I have never been to DC and with it being so close we are going to spend one of those days, maybe two in DC. So our expenses will be more since we won't be there just for the wedding. Then I remembered about the rebate we will be getting and how we could use some of that money on the car rental and food and what not and Amy knew nothing of the rebate. Now before you think I shelter my wife, i don't! We rarely watch the news, except for the weather and even then, i usually check the weather on my phone or on the net. So she could not have heard about it on the news. We don't have any magazine or newspaper subscriptions...so no news there for her to read. And she is hardly ever on the computer, as you readers know by the vast number of posts she has written on this blog. Where I, on the other hand, read anything and everything on the web.

So she thought I was lying to her about the governmental rebate! Where would she ever get that idea? that I was making something up?!?!?!? *wink So after much deliberating, I think I convinced her it was true. But I think in the back of her head she thinks i am still playing a dirty little trick on her. Someone call her and back me up!

April 08, 2008

Is it Any Wonder?

Lately it seems that we have filled and piled our plates with stuff that we can handle...but we're getting tired. That is sort of a loaded statement but to some of you...it may not seem like it.

I heard someone say "We should work like Armenians and sleep like Calvinists."
I wish we had all the energy and time so that I could work non-stop...but...we are getting tired

Can't elaborate too much on the subject but yea...we are getting tired.

Will anyone else help out?