April 19, 2008

Every Little Thing

Lazy Saturdays are a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

Last night we held another Parent's Night Out for the community and we had a good turn out of kids. I'm not sure how many kiddos we had total but I know all of us working it were pretty busy all night long. I was playing a chase/tag type of game with the kids and man...they wore me out. My legs were hurting by the end of the night. Needless to say...it was a late night we got done around 10 then went out with a few of our friends afterward.

That late night led to our late morning and lazy Saturday.

So we went and caught matinee showing of Smart People and then went to eat dinner at Moe's. Since Amy was really wanting Moe's I went there again this week...I can't get tired of that place.

Anyway...the movie was really good and the soundtrack was an added bonus. The tag line for the movie is "Sometimes the smartest people have the most to learn." So the movie was about this family who are all really smart, but book smart, yet they have no clue about anything but themselves. I like how the movie portrayed that even when you think you know it all about everything, you can still learn something. I'd like to go into it some more...but I also want everyone o go see it themselves.

Funny moments today...
Toward the end of the movie Amy grabs her purse and then un rolls this huge bag of M&Ms, like one of the 1 pound bags. It was mostly gone from sometime before, but it was funny to se her pull this huge bag out. And then I saw it I said "what the ?" and she just said with a huge smile "want some M&Ms?!" Oh man...we started giggling like little school girls...then stuffed out faces till the bag was empty.

As we are driving to dinner I don't know how we got to this moment but Amy says...
"check it, double deck it"
Then I said "then I'm gonna wreck it"
Then Amy responds "on the floor buck-naked"
Oh my gosh...I was laughing so hard and I was driving...it was hazardous.
I don't know where she gets it from sometimes...but I loved it.

I hope everyone else had a great Saturday!
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