April 16, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

SO the weather has been crazy! All of last week was nice then the weekend was freezing and not the highs are back in the 70's?!?! whaaaaat?

Well, the 70's are awesome days. One of our favorite things about the moderate weather is being able to sit outside at restaurants to eat and just spending time outside. the only bad news...yard work. booooooooo

So we have started playing Ultimate Frisbee again on Sunday mornings and every Monday...i struggle to get out of bed. It hurts. what hurts? Everywhere! It's a crying shame.
And it's not muscles being sore, it justs aches all over. My self esteem took a new blow when Amy said to me "Your body is not as young as you think it is anymore." aaaagggghhhhh

Oh so in our measly attempts to be on the "green" side of things we bought some baggu bags to have on us for whenever we go shopping. That being any kind of shopping. They fold up small enough to fit in your pocket and hold up to 3 or 4 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff...this way we don't use all those plastic bags that release toxics into the earth. I found out about them from a fellow blogger. So go check them out yourself...i think they are very handy.

Well we booked all of our stuff for our trip to Maryland this summer. My good friend Rene is getting married in Annapolis at his Alma Mater, The Naval Academy. And we were talking about all the expenses we just spent and all we will spend once we get there...mainly on food. Oh and that being b/c we are going to get there early to spend some time in the area by ourselves. I have never been to DC and with it being so close we are going to spend one of those days, maybe two in DC. So our expenses will be more since we won't be there just for the wedding. Then I remembered about the rebate we will be getting and how we could use some of that money on the car rental and food and what not and Amy knew nothing of the rebate. Now before you think I shelter my wife, i don't! We rarely watch the news, except for the weather and even then, i usually check the weather on my phone or on the net. So she could not have heard about it on the news. We don't have any magazine or newspaper subscriptions...so no news there for her to read. And she is hardly ever on the computer, as you readers know by the vast number of posts she has written on this blog. Where I, on the other hand, read anything and everything on the web.

So she thought I was lying to her about the governmental rebate! Where would she ever get that idea? that I was making something up?!?!?!? *wink So after much deliberating, I think I convinced her it was true. But I think in the back of her head she thinks i am still playing a dirty little trick on her. Someone call her and back me up!
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