April 17, 2008

Big Trucks

Josh and I went to lunch today at Moe's. I had gotten up to get us some refills and when I came back Josh was leaning over in his chair looking toward the front doors. I have seen some big trucks before, but this one set a personal record in my book.

Examine the pictures...the car next to it is a VW Jetta wagon, which is not a super small car...but it looks tiny compared side by side to this monstrosity. Also notice the Ford Expedition toward the rear view of the wagon. It is in the background...but it still does not look very tall compared to the truck.
Then notice the tanks on the sides of the truck. Josh and I joked that those are the reserve gas tanks. For using when driving "further than his mailbox" as Josh noted. So apparently this guy LOVES spending money at the pumps.
I got back to the office and showed a co-worker this picture and we decided to look up the truck...all I knew is that it was a Ford. Turns out it is a Ford F-650...here is a website with crazy pics.

If you look closely, Shaq drives one of these things. And this whole time I thought Shaq drove a Mini Cooper. who knew?!
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