September 19, 2010

Labor Day in Louisville

During Labor Day weekend we decided to go up to Louisville for the long weekend. Our good friend Josh lives there and so do some of Amy's family.
We just went around town enjoying the nice weather outdoors and ate some good food. Louisville has a nice park right next to its downtown and the Ohio river where they have some fountains around for people to enjoy. The kids love this place in the summer.
Izzy also really enjoyed watching the water shoot out of the ground.
Until mom got her a bit too close and she pretty much took a bath in public.

Close to downtown is an eclectic little area on Bardstown road that is very trendy and hip with lots of local shops and eateries. We had lunch here on 2 different days and also found a homemade pie and ice cream place. It was very good ice cream and a nice treat for the warmer afternoon.
I gave Izzy a taste of my peach ice cream.
I think she liked it...

Guitar Pickin'

Isabella loves to go over to the guitar to pluck and bang on the strings.

She's also been working on her solo shredding face.
I encourage this 100%