March 31, 2009

Q1 2009

Yowza, I know it's been a loong time since I have posted anything on this blog. Since our trip from the 2nd week of March! And today is the end of the first quarter of 2009!
where did the time go?

For those of you who have not seen our photos, I have uploaded them in Flickr and you can view them here.
We had a great overall time at Lake Tahoe. We did some skiiing, a lot of geocaching, and of course gambling in the casinos. OK, we didn't really gamble, well I didn't. Amy's Mom and step dad Lynn showed up a few days after we had been there and that is when we went into some casinos. Amy went to a 25 cent slot machine and after playing one dollars worth she won $27.50! She then immediately quit while she was ahead...and when she told me about it I was glad she did quit so that she wouldn't develop a gambling habit. ha.

We got home and everything was right back to normal. Work was not hard to jump back into and life continued. It was a little easier since our trip was not too exhausting but more relaxing.

-Well spring is about to be in full swing and we had to get into our flower beds to clean them up and trim stuff back. We did this 2 weekends ago now and we ended up moving 3 shrubs and replacing them in the beds. It was a lot of work and my hamstrings were sore the following 3 days, which was really really miserable.

-I have finally figured out my injuries with running have to do with the shoes I bought back in late January. I am totally off track to try and run the half marathon now because it was hurting my feet to run for long distances. But I ran about 3 miles yesterday and I'll try to feel out how I will do the rest of this week. The half marathon is at the end of this month, the last Saturday, and if I don't step it up quick I probably won't be able do it. But we'll see how it goes.

-If you did not know we have a ping pong table that we haven't used too often since it has been cold. That being because we keep the table folded up in the garage and the winter months make it too cold to play in there. I saw this video and it completely depicts what I do everytime I score a point on Amy. check it.

March 12, 2009


Tuesday afternoon Amy and I were out geocaching around South Lake Tahoe. Because we are not used to the high elevation we are having to drink a lot of water and we have been drinking a crazy amount of water. So much water that we have to use the restroom pretty darn often and it's really annoying.

Since we were out on the road we stopped at a 7-Eleven so that I could use their restroom, Amy stayed in the car, as I felt bad just using them as a restroom...I grabbed a snickers bar for us to share. As I was walking up to the front of the store a scruffy guy comes in and yells at the people behind the counter "I'm sick of this sh**!" Then he proceeds to pull and knock down a rack full of chips, peanut, beef jerky, and the likes right in from of the counter. Then yells "Call the cops, I'll go to jail, I don't care anymore." All the employees were shocked and didn't know what to do. They all apparently knew this guy and didn't know if they should go after him, clean up the mess, tender to their customers (me and 2 other dudes). One of the employees was about to run outside to do something to this guy but as he got to the door, he turned around and said "Screw that I'm already on probation." I thought "awesome."

I stood there not knowing whether to throw the candy bar back on the shelf and just move along or what. Well I hung around and helped one of the guys bring that whole rack upright but all the bags of food were scattered all over the floor. They checked me out and I went outside to tell Amy what happened...she was totally clueless as to what just happened in the store. The scruffy guy was just standing outside by the corner of the building waiting for the cops to get there. As soon as he saw the cops we put his arms up in the air and started waving them down. This guy apparently had a jail wish or something and he had to explain it all to the cops as they got there. We finally just went on our way and let them all be...but it was a crazy few minutes.

I thought I would only see that kind of stuff on TV on the Spike channel but it all happened within a few minutes in front of me in a 7-Eleven in South Lake Tahoe.

We live in a crazy, messed up world. May we all be kept safe from the crazies.

March 09, 2009

The view

The view from our rental living room during our time here at lake tahoe.

March 07, 2009

Start of our Vaca!

We are at the airport awaiting our flight to Reno.

We came to sit down at our gate after eating and there is this lady
sitting right across from us talking very loudly about personal family
issues. Why do some people do this?

I guess I am more of a private person because I would not talk about
how I have been fighting and bickering with a family member in the
airport where there are dozens if bodies within ear shot. Some people
have no shame.

We are on our way to South Lake Tahoe to go skiing and hit up all the
casinos! Ok not really the casinos. But we have talked about going to
one just to say we have played on some slot machines. Our friends, the
Hollands, told us we should just to check it out and we could hit it
big on the nickel slots. We'll see if we do it I'd not.
I have told myself that wanted to be more of a risk take this year and
trying not to get too chickened out when I start going fast. We'll
also see how that goes.

I also have been geocaching and I got together with a g fellow from
our fellowship to get some trackables to place in CA and NV. I have 6
to place in some geocahes, I am really excited. I think we will do
most I our geocaching tomorrow and hit the slopes on Monday.

Oh man! We are starting to board I'll try to micro/mobile blog as much
as I can on our trip.