May 26, 2009

We're still around...

This blog has been getting no love, I said NO LOVE!

Well it’s mainly because I have been busy being house husband. Amy is still dealing with nausea all day long! She was given medication and it usually works but then she tries to not take it until we actually leave the house so that she does not waste the pills. Her prescription was only 10 pills and they are not the cheapest. boooo hissss
So I when I get home I am super busy doing most everything alone now…cooking, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, laundry, folding laundry, kicking the dogs, and then trying to find time for me to relax and do something for myself. *I don’t really kick the dogs even though sometimes it is really tempting*

Amy saying how she is ready to feel better now…and I am too.
I am soooo ready (and yes I probably am being a big baby about it).

What is probably not going to help Amy out is that this week is super busy for us. She is going back to work after having a week off and we have something planned every night but Thursday. We did rest yesterday on Memorial Day but then we had a cookout with friends outside where it was hot and muggy…so she was not the most comfortable.
On Friday we head out for the weekend as we are going to Murray, Kentucky to attend her cousin Magan’s wedding (I’m gonna try to get some geocaching in while we are there). It will be good to see Dad and Devonna but I know it will take a toll on Amy.

I am glad that I have not had any sympathy sickness as some people claim some men do have. I cannot, however, stand her loosing her cookies in front of me. Happened this morning in the kitchen as we were preparing our meals for the day and I about lost it myself. It was a close call.

I’ll try to be better about posting as well as I was at the beginning of the year.

May 14, 2009

The Bump

Every morning when I get to work I check email, work and personal, and I read the new stuff on my Google Reader while I sip on my cup of joe.  Well today I came across this post and was surprised to see that pregnant women actually decorate their big bellies with paint. 

The painted bellies range in style from a cool pumpkins to a basketball.  
Then there are the extremist.  
For real?!?
I'm guessing these guys saw CATS quite a few times before it closed on Broadway.  

If Amy really does want to paint her belly, I just might suggest this...just to take it to the extreme. But maybe we'll do a dog theme since we are dog people after all AND Bugsy and Rupert could also be in the picture!    

OK, it probably will not happen.  Unless! We get approached for a company sponsorship and someone pays us to have their company logo painted on Amy's belly for some time.  Yes!  So if any companies out there want to paint their logo on my wife's belly...CALL ME.  

Or if you know us personally and just want to pay to have your name or something like that painted on her belly...we can work something out.  *wink wink*

I am also willing to do something like this just for giggles...

That one is funny...because it is so true.