August 31, 2012

Convos w/ IzzyB

Me: I would be so excited that I will take my clothes off and run outside!
IzzyB: Why?
Me: (silence as AB looks at me with disappointment)

I figure I shouldn't need to explain streaking to IzzyB this early in her childhood. But when this child finally goes #2 on the toilet I just might have to go streaking.

30 min after I posted this we had a touchdown!!! I didn't go streaking but I jumped up and down so crazy like that the dogs went running for cover. Then we made a celebratory run to Kroger for ice cream!

August 23, 2012

"They grow up so fast"

That is a saying I just never understood as adults said it to other adults about each others children when I was growing up.

Now that AB and I have IzzyB, I totally get it!
Never mind that she will be 3 years old  in October but going from year one until today is so drastic and monumental in change that it blows my mind.

She couldn't walk by herself right at year one (she did a few weeks later) and now she runs SO fast that sometimes her legs fly out from underneath her!  Not to mention she was slowed down for weeks after a broken leg and had to re-learn to walk.  When we play chase or hide-n-seek I ask to quit playing WAY before she's ready because I am tired. (I should probably start playing these games before dinner and not after)

She could barely talk at year one and now it's a rare that she is quiet, unless she is watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse.  Even when Mickey asked the viewers to answer she won't respond but that may be because she doesn't know to actually answer the TV, since it isn't human and all.  I guess if she started talking to the TV I would start to wonder about her a bit.
With the constant talking comes the smart/back talk and this is the most annoying thing about her talking at all.  It makes it seem as if we already live with a pre-teen/teenager.  I know that age comes with a whole slew of other problems but I like to over exaggerate here.

Other than some sour attitude times there are plenty of sweet and funny words and phrases that IzzyB has shared.
"Daddy you're cray-cray!"
"You gonna eat that in your mouth?"  (her way of asking if you're going to eat that)
"Can I have a kiss?"
"Mamma, I need my iPod"
"Mamma, come cuddle"
"Friends are coming over!?!"  (She is a social butterfly)
"Bye friends, thanks for coming over"
"Daddy we're going to a farm! Daddy, do you like animals?"
"Daddy put some music on, we need to dance!"
"Hey! what's going on here?" (she yells this when Amy and I are hugging)
"You're a toots magootes!" (she'll call you this when you 'toot'!)