March 07, 2009

Start of our Vaca!

We are at the airport awaiting our flight to Reno.

We came to sit down at our gate after eating and there is this lady
sitting right across from us talking very loudly about personal family
issues. Why do some people do this?

I guess I am more of a private person because I would not talk about
how I have been fighting and bickering with a family member in the
airport where there are dozens if bodies within ear shot. Some people
have no shame.

We are on our way to South Lake Tahoe to go skiing and hit up all the
casinos! Ok not really the casinos. But we have talked about going to
one just to say we have played on some slot machines. Our friends, the
Hollands, told us we should just to check it out and we could hit it
big on the nickel slots. We'll see if we do it I'd not.
I have told myself that wanted to be more of a risk take this year and
trying not to get too chickened out when I start going fast. We'll
also see how that goes.

I also have been geocaching and I got together with a g fellow from
our fellowship to get some trackables to place in CA and NV. I have 6
to place in some geocahes, I am really excited. I think we will do
most I our geocaching tomorrow and hit the slopes on Monday.

Oh man! We are starting to board I'll try to micro/mobile blog as much
as I can on our trip.

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