February 26, 2009

MxPx - Life In General

This is the first music edition of the blog.

So even though some people may think I am a complete music snob...I did not get into music until later in life. By late I mean high school. Maybe that is not 'later in life' for a lot of people but I know of friends who grew up listening to old rock and roll albums their entire lives with their parents; therefore being influenced early on in life my music. Even though my first love of music that was not completely influenced by my parents was The Beatles (thanks to my good buddy Rene Cano). Anyway...enough back story for now...on with the show...

This album by MxPx was probably the first full length album that I absolutely loved to listen to in it's entirety. And that is a big deal for me because there are not a lot of album where I like the entire album from beginning to finish as a whole.

This was when punk music was introduced to me. Thanks to my friend Beth's little brother Andy did I start listening to them. He let me borrow the CD and at first I was a little weary of the fast tempos, the consistent snare hits on just about every song, and the non-stop energy of the music. But it grew on me fast and it was a roller coaster ride since.

A specific memory I have is I spent about 2 weeks building a puzzle and this was the album I listened to non-stop when I was working on this puzzle in my room. I don't know if you remember the old 3D puzzles they came out with, but I had gotten the 3D puzzle of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Since it was pretty much a small replica of the church in 3D it took me awhile but I finally did complete it...all to the soundtrack of Life In General played a countless number of times.

One of the most popular songs was on this album was "Chick Magnet." Everyone would also learn the intro bass line to this song and play it everywhere. It's a great song.
In high school in our government class, our teacher Mr. McDaniel would give the opportunity for someone in class to sing a song or a diddy before a quiz for 10 extra bonus points. If you got picked you had to sing so it really wasn't an opportunity...because if you didn't sing everyone would be losing 10 extra point on the quiz! So not a position where one would decline to sing. When I was chosen, I sang Chick Magnet with the finger snaps and all. Needless to say...it was a hit. So much of a hit that Mr. McDaniel told my English teacher and she of course "had to hear it."

So I found myself pressured to sing it a few weeks later in front of my stinkin' English class and for NO bonus points! Well anyway...every one got a good kick out of it and got a few classmates to take a listen to MxPx.
They should share some royalties with me since I probably helped them sell a few extra albums.
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