February 20, 2009

This is a Call

I believe that my voice pretty manlike. Manly. Not feminine.

Yet why am I always called "ma'am" when speaking to clients on the phone at work? I don't get it?

I have told some friends here that I get that a lot and then I kindly have to correct the person on the phone. Actually it's always ladies that mistake me for a lady. They always say sorry and carry on the conversation yet still slip in the occasional "ma'am" in there.

dang it! why!??!!!

Well today was the worst case phone scenario! Here's the conversation and I am NOT making this up!

Me: This is Isaac, how can I help you?
Lady: Hi, my supervisor wanted to know how our taxes are calculated.
Me: OK, let me look up your account and...
Lady: What was your name again?
Me: Isaac
Lady: Oh OK, My supervisor told me to call Isaac so I assumed it would be a man I was calling.
Me: I am...
Lady: ...Excuse me?
Me: I am a man.
Lady: (pause)...Oh dear...oh!...well I sure did walk myself into that hole...huh...i'm sorry.

And then my masculinity gave me a wedgie and ran off into the shadows.

And...Don't try calling me to listen to my voice!
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