October 25, 2007

You Really Got Me

So I discovered a band last night! I thought…sweet a new band, I wonder how many people know about them. I was listening to The Darjeeling Express movie soundtrack and since I have always thought Wes Anderson picked great songs for his movies I take his recommendations to heart. The album is 3/4th all composed music. But there were 3 tracks by this band and I thought the songs were awesome!
So then I went over and searched for them in the CD’s…turns out they have tons of albums…I didn’t know which album to start off with. If I had endless amounts of disposable income I would have bought all of them, but since I don’t I could only get one and I had no clue which CD to start off with. So as smart as I am, I went back…grabbed the soundtrack…and looked for those 3 songs on the backs of the individual CD’s.

They were all on 1 CD!!! Holy Guacamole Batman!

Who is this band you may be asking?

…The Kinks!
I came home and researched them…they started their career in the 1963!?!?!!?!?!
The Kinks are even categorized as a British Invasion band, along with The Beatles (which I love), the Rolling Stones (I don’t care too much for), and The Who (great band).

So apparently I am not best music lover that I even considered myself if I had not heard of the Kinks while I knew of the other big 4 British invasion bands.
I do know their You Really Got Me song though…but I never knew who actually sang it.
(so that song title is very much appropriate as the title of this blog post)

So I retract the excitement I had on the ride home and replaced that feeling for complete stubbornness when I read on Wikipedia about The Kinks. I’m such a bum…I’m going to go discover The Ramones now.
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