October 16, 2007

Chase This Light

Jimmy Eat World's new album dropped today.
And guess who already has a copy...?

the guy sitting next to me.

and myself! oh yes.
*btw the guy next to me doesn't have a copy. also there is no guy next to me.

So you know when you are driving down the road and you come to a traffic light you have the urge to look around at the drivers around you. Then you see the one guy in a nice shirt or business suit scarfing down a sandwich or a burger while they are waiting at the light. Then you think..."good gosh, eat when you are not driving", "get a life", and/or "that guys is disgusting."
Yea...that guy.

I have turned into said 'guy'

I realized it as I made my sandwich in the breakroom today grabbed my diet coke and bag of chips and headed to my car. As I was shoving my sandwich into my mouth at a traffic light I thought...'really?' And yes really...
But I now have a copy of the new JEW album because i made time to go to Borders on my lunch hour!

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