October 18, 2007

Mexican Wine

I was in the breakroom this morning getting my 2nd cup 'o' joe when another older gentleman comes in to brew from decaf coffee. (He can't hanlde to real stuff apparently)

First thing he says..."has anyone ever told you that you look like the Dog Whiserer?"
Me: Really?
Him: Yea, who know who I am talking about, right?
Me: yea! I am a huge fan of Ceaser Millan.
Him: Yea, the first day i saw you from a distance, i thought the dog whisperer was in the office.

So then we had a small talk about dogs and Ceaser's methods. Needless to say i am a really big fan of Ceaser and if people think i look like him, that's cool

Maybe i should work on my accent and go around trying to get paid for some advice i learned from the 'real' Ceaser.

new name: Isaac 'Ceaser' Llanes

it's has a nice ring to it...haha
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