July 11, 2007

Uptown Girl

So today Amy and Olivia came out to have lunch with me at work. We have a wicked good time. Again we work out in the country so our lunch options, if one doesn't bring food from home, are very limited. Limited to 3 places...Puckett's (greasy country cookin'), Backyard Cafe (overpriced sandwiches...I do like the owner Laura though...she is cool), and a gas station that makes sandwiches (with mysterious people making your sandwich). So when Amy comes out it is a treat since it is not my normal tuna salad, pizza, or whatever I bring to work that day.
And they brought me Chick-fil-a!!! oh man was it good.

And Olivia was really cute today. Here are some of the conversation bits from this afternoon... Remember this is a 2 and a half year old.

I had never seen Amy do this but she was putting BBQ sauce and ranch on her sandwich.

Me: Amy, you're really doing that?
Amy: Yea it's good.
Me: You're weird
Amy: (makes a whatever facial expression at me)
Olivia: Amy is not weird! (faces Amy) You're not weird Amy.

Olivia has eaten a few pieces of nuggets and fruit and is down from her chair. Yet Amy says she needs to eat more .
Amy: Olivia, come eat some more chicken
Olivia: No thanks, I don't want anymore.
Amy: So are you done?
Olivia: Yea I'm gonna dance now. (proceeds to run around and throw her arms about)
Olivia: Look at me go!

Chick-fil-a gives a book with their children's meals. So Amy gives the book to her after she takes a dancing break.
Amy: Here read your book to Isaac.
Olivia: Isaac check out my new book. Isn't it cool?!
Isaac: Yea it's really cool.

As she is showing me her book.
Olivia: Can you find the dragon?
Isaac: (whispering) Oh geez...there's a dragon in there?
Olivia: (whispering) Yea...are you scared?

These may not seem too funny to everyone. I guess you just had to be there. To me the fact that she is talking so much is really incredible.

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