June 24, 2007

Rainy Day Woman #12 &35

This was a particularly good Saturday. Not that anything special happened it was just a good day. We had a relaxing morning then went to run some errands. We had to return a video and since it was at Macdonald's we decided to have a little bite to eat. Then we were off to home depot ( the new homeowners favorite place to shop). We grabbed the air filters and light bulbs we had gone in after and then went to the garden center to dream about what we want our yard to look like. Next it was home to do a little yard work. So we go in to change and get some water to drink and in that ten minutes a storm has blown in. So Isaac gets out there and starts speed mowing(just wait this will become a new sport one day) and he finishes the back just as the rain starts. So then the rest of the afternoon was very relaxing we spent some time sitting on the couch with the dogs watching the rain come down which was very peaceful. So even though nothing extraordinary happened it was a very good Saturday spent with our little family.

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