June 20, 2007


I am not sure that everyone knows that I, isaac, work in an old house in the country. So we do carry out our entire business from this house on a hill on a 10 acre property in Franklin, TN. (I actually posted pics from a field across the street from us in a posting below).

You need to know that information for that I am about to tell you what has been going on at work. Well maybe not...

Our conference room is what would be the huge living room of the house and it has a chimney and a fire place on one end and a co-worker had been hearing noise come from there for over a week. So he got mad and went over and kicked the fireplace and found out that the noise was now being made in response to his kicking. ha! It kind of sounds like a rattle...first assumption...rattlesnake!
By this time there's 4 of us guys in the conference room with a stick, a flashlight, a shovel, and the doors closed to the rest of the office. Yea...this is a work place. Sounds more like a crazy reality show now that I am typing it out. ha! So we are going to open the chimney doors that have not been opened in who knows how long...it's a dark and scary place. Trust me.

So we get it open and we keep hearing the rattling but nothing is there. Well there are actually a few baby bird skeletons and lots of bird droppings that immediately stink up the entire conference room. It was gross.
So this automatically is gauranteed that they are not rattlesnakes...seriously how could a snake get into the fire place anyway? well we were convinced it was a rattle snake up to this point.

Well we can't see anything from the bottom of the fire place...time to go on the roof! This is sounding more like a low-budget B-rated movie starring a twenty something Haley Joel Osment. So two of the guys go up and try to peer into the open chimney from the roof of the house apparently the noise is really loud and the guys are scared to even look down into the chimney. We end up feeding them a flood light to look down into the darkness. One of the guys ended up wide-eyed and saying..."I saw legs!" By this time HR figured we were wasting time and ordered everyone back inside.

So then today, all that stuff happened yesterday, one of the guys shows up with his BB gun to shoot into the chimney. I don't know what good that would do? No matter what kind of creature it was. Well they finally get up there and then discovered that is was a birds nest and that there were baby birds in the nest making all the noise in the first place.
Great...now we all look like jerks...shooting at baby birds. I guess that's what we get for trying to be curious.

that's work for ya...
...speaking of work....
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