September 19, 2007

New Beginnings

Not many of you readers know...
but I, Isaac, am working my last few days at Interlinc.

Interlinc is the reason that we moved out to TN. We thought that by taking this job that it was THE reason God brought us out to TN. But we soon knew that it was just a means by which He would use us here in TN. We are very grateful for the job that brought us out here to where we now consider home.

It is actually going to be weird for me to get up and go to work and it not be Interlinc. I have been working there for 2.9 years now and it has always been a constant in my life here in TN. So'll be quiet weird.

I am moving on to a health care company called Passport Health Communications. And I am really excited to work in a place that is not considered a "Christian" workplace. It feels like i have been in this bubble for sooooooo long now. First with being at school at HPU then working for's like they are their own little worlds. Does that make sense? I don't want Christianity to be the popular thing all around me, all the time. Maybe some people out there in the middle of non-Christians are saying "I would love to be working in a Christian workplace!" But I am past that at this point in time of my life. I need to get out there where my actions are going to be evident. Where my words are not just hot air, wasted, with nothing to back them up.
I guess that is the whole reason I now have a skewed view of Christian music and Christian artist. Not that it is completely negative...just skewed. Main thing is that when artists say that their music is a ministry, it is, but to a certain point. The music industry, Christian or not, is a flat out business. You can call it a ministry all you want but it is still essentially a business at the end of the day. So, it is all dependent on sales...and so was the case at Interlinc. Not that the products were not good, it's just that the vision was blurred.

So I am ready to go somewhere to work where the words ministry, kingdom, and missional goals aren't used in the same context or at all. I hope to be a great employee and be a great asset to the new company and be a little salt and light to everyone around me. So I can only hope to be that salt and light to people. I look forward to not working in the Christian bubble that i have been in for so long and stretch my wings.

wish me luck!
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