September 10, 2007


This past weekend we packed our car and headed Southeast to the great city of Atlanta. Or as some refer to it "Hotlanta" or the "ATL" Well it wasn't really hot so 'Hotlanta' was not used this weekend. (and actually we packed our friend Mandy's car...since she let us borrow her jeep SUV to bring back some purchases)

We were going to meet our Amy's Dad and our step-mom in ATL for the weekend and hangout. But we also decided to leave extra early Saturday morning to go to one of our favorite stores (and the reason we borrowed Mandy's jeep)...

Mention that store and ATL
...we are on board!

So we made a few purchases and it worked out b/c as we were checking out...the 'rents had gotten to their hotel and were waiting on us. So we packed the car and went to find the hotel. Which was tough since we aren't too familiar with downtown Atlanta and had minimal directions to follow. But we found it and it was quite a spectacular hotel

We didn;t really see the outside of it but when we walked into the lobby from a walkway that lead us from the parking garage...we saw this...
That blue sail looking piece is the top of a bar area called Pulse, I think. And so the inside of the hotel was hollow and all the floors were visible from the first floor and then you could see sky lights (which you cannot see in that picture) all the way at the top of the building. So it was really a cool view.

So we all went out to dinner and then decided to go to the hotel sports bar and grill to watch the Texas football game. You was the 2nd college football week of the year/season...and I spent the morning driving in a car 4 hours. Spent another 1 and 1/2 hours shopping and so on...and not once remembered that I was missing College Game Day and football games on ESPN. So when our dad said we needed to catch the Texas hit me. FOOTBALL!
So we got lucky that it was a big place...and it was really nice...
This was the entrance to is and we were all the way in the back where they had 5 projection screens with 5 different games on. It made up for not watching anything before that that day. And lucky for us there were a few other people from TX there (they weren't all Texas fans...TAMU and TCU) but it was good to have natives present.

Texas won after a slow 1st half so we were all happy!

Well our trip to ATL was great and it was really good to hang out with the 'rents!
We had to head back to TN by noon to be back that evening. So it was a short trip...but a great trip. A good little getaway from our normal hustle and bustle is always nice, verrry nice!
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