September 02, 2007

The Wall

...actually more like the fence. But whatev

So finally...FINALLY (that looks weird in all caps) here ate pictures of our fence that our wonderful Dad and brothers built for us! I'm actually glad that we waited to even take these dang pictures because the grass has been brown most of the summer because of our water drought here in TN. So finally it rained more than once in a week and out grass greened up enough to look decent. Actually it looks amazing in these pics.

The front of left side of the house, or as we refer to it as the non-street side. And you can clearly see why.

Then of course this is the street side of the house. If you were also wondering yes I had cut the yard recently, the day before actually and yes I still cannot grow any stinkin' grass on the sides of the house.

And now 3 pics of the all it's glory.
I had actually just finished mowing the backyard and you can see the tracks on the pavement from the lawn mower. I cut the yard on 2 different days because the back so so stinkin' tall that it would have taken me all of yesterday to do. So being the smarty pants I am...split it into two days. (I really only did it b/c we had plans both afternoons, don't let me fool you into thinking I really am a smarty pants)

Tomorrow is Labor Day which
= 4 day work week!
= happy Isaac & Amy!

And everyone wants a happy Isaac & Amy around
...especially Bugsy and Rupert.
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