November 08, 2007

Devil's Haircut (the Remix)

I get home and let the dogs out.
As they come back in i notice something different about Rupert.

Amy came to the house during the day today and brought Olivia down to play with the dogs. So Amy calls me as she is getting off of work and tells me she cut Rupert's hair, on his head only though.

I almost wanted to ask if he got gum caught in it or if Olivia threw up on him or something drastic to deserve this...

Yes...his ears were cut off too!
Amy just said that he needed his hair cut bad...I mean seriously why spend $40 on the dog to be groomed when he can look that fabulous.

OK so his ears were not cut off, Amy is not that cruel and unusual, he's actually in a calm-submissive state so his ears are laying back. *little Ceaser knowledge for ya.

That actually makes his look really bad...but here is one that you can at least see his ears.'s a good thing we didn't pay for that one this time. Also a good thing that he doesn't care what he looks like.

I wonder if he can tell what my grimacing face means every time we make eye contact?

This is also the dog that we might be getting a backpack to be weighed down during his walks so that he gets a more intense work out. And also thinking of getting him shoes since when it rains he always finds the mud to bring into the house. This dog i a mess.

Do you all think I'm ready for parenthood soon?
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