May 29, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

First's the first post in awhile now. I have been meaning to get on here and blog about our past weekend b/c it was awesome but we have been busy cleaning, having community group, walking/running, and just being lazy. Yup we are busy.

On with the show!

Mom Allen was in town this weekend! We had some activities planned for Saturday but that day only. We tried to keep it cool and relaxing so that we would not tire her out before returning to Texas. Well Saturday turned out to be too much anyway...sorry Mom. (b/c we know you'll be reading this)

We started it all by getting up early to go pick some fresh strawberries. And it was awesome...check it out.

OK, I know those are a lot of pictures of just one thing we did but we had to over compensate for the zero pictures we took after that morning. ha!

Those berries were sooo stinkin' good. We picked 4 pounds total and still have about 2 pounds in our freezer so we can use in smoothies in the days to come.

After the berry pickin' we went to get some lunch at Utopia Coffee here in town then did some grocery shopping. Next, we went to a local winery/vineyard that is fairly new. The face of it is half of Brooks & Dunn...the Brooks half. It is called Arrington Vineyards and it is really cool there since it is out in the country with lots lots lots of outdoor seating to enjoy the countryside views. On their site they encourage peeps to bring a picnic and just hang out...and next time we will.

After that we came home to relax some before we went out for dinner. But before we went to dinner we went to get some running shoes and then hit the mall up. So then by the time we got to dinner at 7:30 Mom was tired and I think we were also tired and it started to show fast.

The rest of the weekend we mostly hung out and talked so Saturday was our busy day but then on Memorial Day Monday we had a cookout for lunch then took mom to the airport at 6pm. Then we drove back and had another cookout with some of our friends. So by Monday night we slept like rocks!

OK...we are out to watch the S4 finale of LOST.
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