May 21, 2008

Deep in the Heart of Texas

After being back in Texas this past weekend, we had a reminder of the pride that comes with being a Texas native. Since moving out of Texas to Tennessee we noticed that no one talked about TN like people talked about TX. I know there are all the crazy sterotypes of Texans, like wearing boots and a cowboy hat everyday and riding a horse, which of course are completely bogus. But Texans also have a reputation of being too prideful of Texas and about being from there. I don't hear anyone proudly and boldly proclaim to be from Ohio, Iowa, Oregan, or any other state that is not Texas.

I guess I don't understand why we Texans have so much pride for our state but I love it that we are set apart. However, I try not to be obnoxious about it when in TN because it gets annoying to non-Texans, I have found out really fast. It is nice to be a fan of TX sports teams though b/c here is Vol country with that bright orange referred to as "big orange." And all of the Titans fans around too. So there is loyalty and pride in the university sports and pro sports teams but its not TN love as a state.

It's also fun to meet people from TX everywhere else too because it's like you become insta-friends or comrades. Well we are proud to be from Texas and we make it known in the most non-obnoxious ways we can. (sorry if we do get annoying about it at times you TN friends)

Lastly...when we were at Isai's graduation ceremony at Sam Houston the keynote speaker ended her speech with "...God bless Texas and God bless all of you!" In my mind I thought 'yea, that just happened' and had a silly grin on my face. It was good to be home.
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