February 19, 2008

Tell Me What You See

I'm sure everyone heard about what happened in Amy's hometown of Stephenville last month. It made national news. It was covered so much that we in TN felt like we were back in TX watching local news channels.

Well if you did not hear what happened...
There were UFO sightings in Stephenville and the town next door Dublin (where THE best Dr. Pepper is made).
*SIDENOTE* Jason's Deli here in Franklin, TN carries Dublin Dr. Pepper in there fountain drink machine!!! I had 3 cups within an hour lunch...so good...but not so good after the fact that I drank 3 cups. sheesh!*
So yes! UFO sightings! So of course we called Amy's Dad to confirm since they live there in Stephenville. Of course he assured us that the only people that the news stations interviewed were the local wackos trying to get their 15 secs. of fame. And it worked by the look of all the national coverage.
I even read about it in the Daily Slices of Relevant Magazines website. weird.

Well a few weeks had passed and we had forgotten about it until we get this random box in the mailbox. In it were black t-shirts and as we unfolded them...this is what we found on them...

Someone is actually making money of these sightings too! Well...to each his own.

Watch out for those UFO's out there in TX ya'll!

and thanks to Dad and Devonna for the t-shirts...we'll wear them with much pride of our hometown!!!
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