February 26, 2008

Summertime in Wintertime

Isn't it weird that sooo (needs more o's but I'll spare them) many people were up in arms are global warming. Global warming,apparently, is happening because of all the things we misuse here on earth and/or such things as the ice caps are melting in the artic. Even Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for "An Inconveniant Truth!" Now, I haven't seen it but I really don't have reason too because I never jump on board with the whole global wamring phase.

I rememeber this past fall on the show Kid Nation where one of the brightest kids I have ever seen made such a case about global warming on the show and in the post show interviews. People are inbedding the issue into schools...crazy!

Don't get me wrong...I am all for being "green." Heck we are now paying a guy $11 a month to come pick up recycling bins from our house everyday. We did buy "green" light bulbs for most of our house. The only trouble where we don't do "green" is in conserving water. I have heard some people suggest that you place a tub in the shower and let the water collect while you wait for it to warm up to use for indoor plants and outdoor watering. I really don't want to have to haul a large wet tub out of the shower every morning before I get in, or before Amy gets in. meh.

We're headed in the "green' direction...as you have just read. And I am proud of it...helping out with my carbon footprint on this earth does make me feel a little better...but I digress.

Global warming...so what is happening right now. It's freezing outside!!! (it really is going to snow here in middle TN tonight) There are record low temps all over the world right now!
So...I am proud to say I never jumped on the global warming bandwagon because right now...it's kind of a joke.

Here's the article I read that made me post this entry...it's a good one.

It even states that it could be the beginning of a minor Ice Age for Earth...now wouldn't that be irony.

Everyone...stay warm!
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